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  1. Any chance you could PM me the source of the photos that were deleted, if by any chance you recall whence you found them?
  2. bump Another guess of mine would be Zuzana Kopuncova but I can't be sure
  3. Her name is presented as "Zuzana". Ph: Anne-Constance Frenoy First thought was Zuzana Gregorova but the facial structure seems distinctly different: note the smooth chin and sharper jaw More digging showed that ALL google results of this shoot credit the model as "Zuzana" only.
  4. Emily Didonato Taylor Hill Jasmine Tookes Renée Murden
  5. Tanya Kizko: 8 Tanya Mityushina: 5 Taya Krav: 6 Taylor Hill: 7 Thylane Blondeau: 6 Tia Mallia: 4 Valeria Rudenko: 6 Valeriya Lapidus: 6
  6. Georgia Fowler Alessandra Ambrosio Anna-Christina Schwartz Hailey Outland
  7. Chanel Postrel: 4 Charlie Robertson: 7 Charlotte Lemay: 8.5 Charlotte Pirroni: 6 Charly Jordan: 7 Chase Carter: 7 Chiara Scelsi: 7.5 Christen Harper: 7
  8. 3 Alina Kovalenko 6 Erika Postnikova 5 Olya Snagochenko 1 Lila Geddie 4 Jadi Wegener 2 Margarita Masliakova 7 Danielle Fried
  9. Alina Kirchiu Colleen Cole Nicola Cavanis Anna-Christina Schwartz
  10. 1 Tatum Marchetti 2 Helene Hammer 3 Bella Tylen 4 Elizaveta Bondarenko 5 Angelina Michelle 6 Romi Pavoncello 7 Haley Kalil 8 Loren Kemp 9 Victoria Britt
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