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  1. I never understood that thing on her head sorry Karl I would never wear that. but I love her lips they're great.
  2. What are you even talking about? The idea that Penelope is more talented than Ale because she got an Oscar nod is just plain ridiculous (and would be no matter what actress-model comparison was being made). If there was an equivalent in the modeling world to the Oscars and Ale had failed to get an award or nomination in it, then there might be a source of comparison, because Penelope would have attained that recognition from her peers, whereas Ale had not. But there is no such award, so trying to compare the two based on awards is meaningless. And as eNe jokingly said earlier, you can counter this point about the Oscar nod with an equally stupid argument about Penelope not being as talented as Ale because Penelope hasn't been made a VS Angel. okay fine, have you ever thought about it this way if ale was an actress would she get nominated? Who cares about being a VS angel? What does it take? Physical attributes? Wow she really is talented.
  3. Awesome Cypress you seriously rock .
  4. She's gorgeous! I just can't get over her perfect face, her cheekbones her eyes, her pointy nose, her not overly-plucked eyebrows, her cute scar beneath her left eye, her lips! I'm just in love with this women, she oozes elegance and sex appeal! I can't believe she doesn't have more fans here. I love Raquel!!!!! :woot: Thanks thiago, fery, and cypress. I can't wait to buy that V magazine.
  5. Snejana that ad is better in person. :wub2:
  6. Mona, I see no comp. between her and Rosie.
  7. Okay sorry but i just have to say i usually just vote and don't voice my opinion but eNe, you clearly don't like beautiful, succesful actresses. (Hilary is fugly :x Penelope is breathtaking ) and she is talented (hello Volver and Obre los ojos anyone?) and Nouve, you clearly don't like beautiful, succesful models (ambrosio, though seems like she's got a stick up her ass by her snotty attitude is drop dead gorgeous ). you both need to seriously take a chill pill. and alas the ale getting nominated for an oscar thing? clearly that is reserved for only a handful of people so regardless if you win or lose, you were still nominated and penelope has had that honor . so its safe to say she clearly has more talent then ale. everyone knows about an oscar, not everyone knows about a VS catalog cover. Charlize too... Karolina is okay but Charlize looks like an angel Btw, eNe I love your avatar.
  8. coool comp. and i vote martini
  9. Carolyn. Natalia's ad is so dark and gloomy reminds me of the perfect storm.
  10. 4.Jessica Biel (2) 6.Avril Lavigne (4) 7.Hayden Panettiere (4) 8.Julia Stegner (2)
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