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  1. Would it be possible to change my username to Deb? When I first registered I wasn't sure how the forum worked and I used my inicials and last name. Too complicated right now.
  2. What do you mean by tiny body? Is she too thin? And how tall is she? I always wonder if she is really 5'9", because sometimes she looks a lot shorter than the other models. Heidi is my favorite model ever, thank you for the wonderful pics. I'm so jealous of you!
  3. Great pics! Some of them are new to me. Thanks, Cantor!
  4. OMG, this pic is amazing!
  5. I think most of us want to keep something from ChilaX
  6. Sadly there is no way I can get an issue here in Brazil...
  7. I saw her at a MNG Catalog but I had no idea who she was. Thank you for starting this thread!
  8. Great pics, Marvin! I like the last one specially...
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