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  1. I have exams in a week & after that I'll neeeeeed to draw and paint like a crazy person - I want to study English & Arts instead of English & Philosophy/Ethics which I'm doing right now. x

  2. Woooooo! :D congrats! so… how IS your German? hehe as you can see, I am not really back on a regular basis :'D

    I'll check back on occassion but i am browsing more than posting…

  3. awww >_< but hopefully still good?

    I don't know… I actually just browse through some threads occasionally… *sigh*

    I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Get some rest, enjoy the festivities, lots of love! :-* x

  4. Hey girl! <3 thank you for your comments and I'm SO sorry, I haven't really been on… I am fine, all is well in the land of love, also. How about you? xxx

  5. M---

    heeey sweetpie :) sorry, totally missed your new year's comment since I log in on such an irregular basis :( miss you, too! how have you been? everything alright? :) hey - I've been on a KYLIE concert last sunday!! :D <3 she was so amazing :3 take care, hun! x Mika

  6. M---

    heeey megy :) sorry I log in so rarely, I totally missed your post .__. I am fine, how are you? I was at a KYLIE MINOGUE concert last Sunday :D so I'm bond to be good haha

    x Mika

  7. love your avatar! :) the guy on the left side *swoon* can I ask where it's from? greets, Mika

  8. hi my dear! :3 sorry for not answering for soooo long! D': haven't written in here at all lately … just occacionally logged in and browsed through some pages.. are you doing good? I sure hope so! take care, xoxo

  9. M---

    hey hey :D sorry that I didn't answer… I haven't posted anything in here for ages … just occacionally log in and browse through some pages. and I'm not even in Uni yet lol (I do my civil service ;)) i hope you're doing brilliantly! :) take care bb, xoxo

  10. M---

    hi :P

    thank you! i just changed it, though lol Haven't written in here for ages … hope you're doing good! xoxo

  11. M---

    Thanks! :D Merry merry Christmas to oyu, too! :3 I wish you peaceful days & lots of luv! x

  12. M---

    Sankyuuuuuu! Meeeeerry Chriiistmaaaas! :3 Have some peaceful holidays, filled with love :3 x

  13. M---

    awwwwwwww oh no! :'( I read those news… so sad. xoxo

  14. M---

    I mind haha ;) I like spending time with him :P) And well, every now and then I wanna meet friends ;) oh and Christmas preparations :D are you excited for the holidays yet? and how have you been? is that Du in your avatar btw? Lovely! I saw the pic right after the show I think… it's stunning :) take care sweetpie! xoxo

  15. M---

    hi hi :) yeah, sadly I'm not on much … I have to do my civil service. That's some civil work we have to do here for 9 months if we don't want to go to the army. So I'm working in a retirement home with people who have amnesia. For a really crappy salary. lol So… I'm quite tired quite often haha :'D and I have a boyfriend, so he costs me time as well :P (not that

  16. M---

    hi hi :) I'm alright. Lots of work :/ but today I have free hehe and I get to see my boyfriend :) so I'm wuite happy :D

    how are you? had a great weekend? xx

  17. GREAT avatar honey! hahaha :D how are you? did you have a great weekend? xoxo Mika

  18. Happy belated Birthday! :D How are oyu? did you have a great weekend and birthday bash? xoxo Mika

  19. hi hi <3 i just wanted to give you a short shout out and hug! How are you? What have you been up to? Love you xoxo Mika

  20. M---

    hey :D what's up? why so surprised? :P Did you have a good weekend? xoxo

  21. M---

    haha thanks :P but obviously , SADLY, that is not me :'D how is your week so far? xoxo

  22. Hello ghost of Qristmas always :D I am right here. .__. where are you? Haven't heard in a while … I know I haven't really been on a lot lately … :/ Still love YOU, though *kiss*

    what are you up to? xoxo

  23. M---

    and of course you're absolutely right :D had a great weekend? kiss kiss Michi

  24. hi my love :)) thanks for the commy. how are you? had a great weekend? xoxo Michi

  25. M---

    congrats on your new boy joy! :D

    take care! xoxo

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