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  1. hello there! :)

  2. wow you got comments coming in at a crazy rate :P

    i've been really really busy with college. its killing me. :(

    how are you finding you new place then?

  3. Ahh right. Nah i dont live in the US. So how was fireworks day? :P I'm from Singapore :) Bet you havent heard of it.

  4. HAHA crazy heather :D where'd you move to..?

    Wow i missed quite a bit :P

  5. Sorry. I rarely check my profile :P Always forget to. What fireworks day? Do we live in the same country? :D

  6. :wave: i'm good. just finished my exams so i'm really spamming the forum now :D :D howve you been?

  7. thanks for the coco dolce and gabbana ad pics! :)

  8. yea :D rofl, i cant imagine how weird it feels. especially to have people commenting! :) you're really pretty btw :x

  9. omg nath. are you "Nathalia Cristina Ruggiero" i just came across the thread only JUST 1 MINS AGO. IS THAT YOU?

  10. nathalia :)

    my fellow coco fan!

    never knew you were a model..

  11. your LJ's great :) lots of nice works, did you do them using photoshop?

  12. OH YEA! HAHAHA :D so how did it go, did you find it eventually?

  13. thanks :D i havent been seeing you around, where have you been?!

  14. :rofl: yes true true. oh wonder if you know, her jail term's been cut short to 23 days :\


  16. awww mannnn!!

    you bugging me about getting an avatar :s

    hehe. nice avatar. seems like besides bashing memers you like giving celebs a hard time too :D

    ANYWAYS, i'll get my avatar soon enough dont you fret!

  17. Yup. I was wondering who you were too, but now that you've told me the magic words 'Bugs_bunny' of course i remember! :P

  18. Thiagoooo :)

  19. You've got interesting interests, rofl!

  20. Ahaha! Yes i am joker :D

    Thanks dear!

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