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  1. rofl no problem. ill ask you some things. whos your favorite actress and why?

  2. hm, ive never really thought about that before, my favorite actress i mean. I dont know, no idea. But actors would have to be Johnny Depp. He plays in almost all Tim Burton films, and all of my favorite movies are Tim Burton films. Johnny can play a wide range of characters and make the best out of each one, inculding Victor, Edward, Sparrow & Willy Wonka.

  3. that would be Americas next top model, Project runway, OC, one tree hill, friends . what are some of your favorite movies?

  4. depends which way you mean. I like her singing, CD-wise. her singing live is just a no-no. Her newest CD im not a fan of but Autobiography was well written i think. Personality wise, shes not that swift. And she needs to find herself and stop comparing to everyone else. Boohoo your sister is more famous, so? live your own life. And its stupid that with every boyfriend she gets she changes her styl

  5. easy :D

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is my all time favorite. And Im not some teeny bopper who loves it because Pete has the tats all over his arms, ive watched it since i was little. Its the story behind it. Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, White Chicks, The Notebook, Beetle Juice and Coyote Ugly^^

  6. hey (: can you post the original picture of your display picture in candids? id really appreciate it :D have a nice day ;D

  7. aww lucky you getta go shopping so much esepcially in USA u have abercrombie & of course VS, i have to wait until xmas wen i go back to Canada for A&F and i order VS onlien :p

    and happy bday in advanced :)

  8. hii :D

    thanks! i love it too, i request it and supermodel diva made it, shes really amazing at doing these things :D

  9. haha sorry i was grounded, but Mrs. Wentz is back :D how are you?! <3

  10. oh my god im so jealous :) i dont love Brazil just because of Adriana :P its like so full of exotic animals like different kinds of birds and stuff and the beaches just everything, it makes me so happy :)

  11. lol

    i dun like wearing what everyone has either but in Sweden nobody has it.. ive seen like 2 ppl with A&F here cuz they get in the USA so i like wearing it ^^ but ye VS doesnt sell anywhere except USA unless u buy online, which rly sucks.

  12. im not in to sports but i do like indoor hockey

  13. rofl your so random. I like black and like a hot pink, you?

  14. hey nothingless (=

    you know those Adriana gifs you made and posted on the Babe GIF'S thread from the VS PJ Party? theyre amazing! can i use one of them for my avi?

  15. im guessing this is 21 questions. I like poutine and tacos without meat, im a vegetarian. yourself?

  16. hey ! :D i love that pete avi you made! i was wondering if you could make one just for me (A) it would be the same thing except diff pictures? id really appreciate it if you could, i need a new set so bad! xD

    have a nice day <3

  17. yeah i like newlyweds haha idk. um whats your favorite drink?

  18. i just posted them for you on the Adriana Lima lingerie underwear thread

  19. um i like mineral water like the fizzy one and my fav vacation spot is Manitoluin Island.


  20. yeah shes got a great style and attitude <3

  21. thank you so much :) im a huge adriana lima fan xD shes amazing.

  22. haha the new pirates? its so amazing eh! i love jack <3 hes so hott and he has the best humor he shot his clone and hes like "my peanut.." lmfao i laughed so hard. but i thought it got kind of boring in the middle with all the fights, i think the 2nd had better scenes and the 3rd dragged it on a little but all in all it was super! :D

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