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    Women: Sierra Skye, Irina Shayk, Hannah Ferguson, Kara Del Toro and many other beautiful women

    Music: What is generally considered 'rock' but is really folk from many regions, blues, rock n roll and classical all mixed together and sometimes electrified very loudly.

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  1. one of the prettiest babes ever, thanks for all the posts!
  2. that 1st pic especially lifting her shirt, my God she's trying to give me a heart attack
  3. what the...!!! omg LucyLover what great big....shots!
  4. Those gifs are so hot they almost make me think speaking explicitly would be ok
  5. astounding series of posts, thank you everybody!!!
  6. If she walked in the room wearing that I think it might kill me
  7. "Nothing At All" I'm talking to myself again And waving to a passing friend I've known her since I don't know when Ah, it's nothing at all Just a few of us walk arm in arm It's innocent and charming But the children seem to be getting alarmed Don't worry kids, it's nothing at all When I hear about the doom and gloom That's around the corner, and coming soon I take a sip of mother's ruin And sit with my back to the wall It's nothing at all Nothing at all And the old lady smiled It's nothing at all Then she blew all the leaves off my tree And
  8. nekkator

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    it's pretty late in the game for these guys but i caught the bug for this tune and i think it's pretty brilliant shit, the insouciant ignorance-is-bliss little repeated melody line with the apathetic irony of the lyrics - they delivered on this one 🎸🎹
  9. Like Raquel Welch in One Million B.C. or something, totally knocked out! Thanks for posting
  10. ditto, great series of shots, THANKS!
  11. incredible series of posts LucyLover, especially on pg 124 many thanks sir!
  12. "Describe yourself in 3 words" - my guess would be hot as f#%ck!
  13. killer series of posts LucyLover, hats off to you!
  14. never mind, found it, she's Yodit Yemane apparently
  15. Hopefully that's enough samples. If you've ever gone to FashionNova or Babyboo etc you've probably seen her a thousand times as I have. But I've never seen anything that tells me her name. ??? ???
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