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  1. She's changed her last name to Zalina now - on IG at least - for whatever reason (immigration perhaps).
  2. Salome Das - French mother, Indian father, raised in Malaysia, lives in London - currently recording her debut album. I think she's 5'8" (173) - 5"9 (175) at the most. IG is @salomedasss (yes, triple S, even though her last name has only one S).
  3. First, that's ludicrous - I've come close to having 3 ribs removed bc of a tumor, and let me tell you, that surgery is no joke, and I'm happy I consulted other doctors and kept my ribs. Second, she's a twin, meaning her twin would have had to do the same, and they're practically nude in 80% of their photos, good luck finding one (or a specialist) to corroborate your fantasy. Third, in this day and age, really?
  4. No gym or weight training can give this face (and female torso) - the glutes are but a bonus.
  5. Dear Lord Almighty 🌟🙏🏽❤️
  6. Not 5'9" (175cm) - the sisters have said in one of their stories they are 165-166, or 5'5".
  7. It's troubling indeed - the breasts, the face somewhat - but she's missing the birthmark on the posterior side of her right wrist/lower forearm area, so I guess not - based on the photos provided - do you have others (with the birthmark, perhaps)?
  8. Full Name: Pauline Tantot Nationality: French Height: 5'9"/175cm Don't know about the other measurements listed (other than "way past hot damn!") but the Tantot twins are absolutely not 5'9"/175cm. They're about (a hair under) 5'5" and 5'6" respectively (165cm and 168 cm respectively) with Pop/Pauline the taller (and fuller body) one. Cheers : )
  9. Aw, don't g! You're from Argentina, or latin America? Now, there's reason to rejoice!
  10. Balisani


    Thanks, but can we get the archive password? EDIT: Nevermind, it's just "docus" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, sorry about that (and good thinking)!
  11. g, dude, you are a little hard of understanding today, aren't you, mate The idea is you are already "joined"! Otherwise, how could you be in the room with your phone? Hiding in the closet, while she's making love to another one of those tall, dark, handsome, I'll-kick-your-ass Argentinian guys?
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