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  1. I read your little beef with DA...you are a wretched individual :| yet I love you anyway. How does that work??? TELL MEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. woo you suck! :D

  3. whyyyyy what did I dooooo? :|

  4. llama is the best online buddy a girl could have :)

  5. woot! so I am on today! Happy Birthday Ben!! :) omg you're finally out of the teen years! my baby is growing up so fast *tear*

  6. are we friends? I don't remember :|

  7. *pokes*

    you need friends! add me! :p :)

  8. pssh! i'll poke you whenever i feel like it!

  9. thanks jeremy! :)

  10. haha, make sure they do :|

  11. haha I swear to God if your 'net conveniently dies tomorrow the way it did last year, I'm coming after you :|

  12. hey you (clearly I no longer know how to use the PM function), how opposed are you to reading ebooks? What if I could get you a book for free? would you be willing to read it, even if it were in ebook format? :| say yes or die.

  13. *pulls the admin card on yer ass* how dare you remove my post! you smell! SMEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!

  14. hahaha ummm check out my personal statement, xoxo

  15. haha now it's 4 stars! booyah!

  16. heyyy thats a nice personal statement, I approve! :D lol

  17. P.S. get a personal statement before I make one up for you! don't think I won't *shakes fist*

  18. I loooove you! *muah*

  19. come back to us!!!!!

  20. hey you smell, but since you have some Mona avis, you're alright in my book :P

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