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  1. wait, is this legit photo or photoshop? if this is real,... she has a lot of wrinkle for a 23yrs old. omg!!
  2. the old greep Ed is giving a speech right now to the girls.
  3. not weird, she just has a long upper body, and I don't know why people love her so much, she doesn't have a good body, not a super model body.
  4. I really haven't seen Taylor?!
  5. not giving her wings, but teach her how to fly.. omg! QUEEN!! anyway, how many outfits did we see? 8? 9? i want see more! damn!
  6. that helps, so people will see it on tv. lastest years, the tv viewers are getting lower and lower because you can see it all on social media. that's what I think. so we won't see much like the other years.
  7. Show is over, they really asked the audicense NOT to post anything on social media. so we won't see nothing.
  8. or maybe it started already and they ask to not use their cellphones, so we see nothing
  9. every fashionshow is never on time, it starts with a least 15-20mins delay
  10. First show is for influencers, family and friends(I guess), VS stores members from all over the world,... and the second show is for VIP's, celebs, I think family and friends aswell,...
  11. still waiting, not started yet
  12. yes, both show, full audiences. firstshow infulencers, second show more vip's and celebs..
  13. Sara and Josephine deed the 'sofa angel'.
  14. wait.. how many segments do we have now? I see 7? that's a lot!
  15. offcourse they did. but I guess we won't see it untill the show is over, they want to keep EVERYTHING private and secret this year.. strictly prohibited haha
  16. so... they are really serious about the privacy uh? there is no one leak picture of the rehearsal, just nothing?! in the other years we have seen everything already..
  17. can someone give me a link where I can see the outfits or show pictures from last year??
  18. its like they were waiting for Candice to start the rehearsal, because she is late. she just arrived
  19. And when will the rehearsal start?? It's noon in NYC, it must be now.
  20. well, you can't blame Sophia for all this, it's a collab with M Katrantzou, I guess Katrantzou have a lot of saying for those outfits too. but I admit, it's far from beautiful. Poor Jo
  21. by saying 'solo' means that the press con is about her only, which is not. it's just about the lighting. if solo means it's just one model event, they do alot events with one single model/angel.
  22. it's not a 'solo' press con like people sayin here. its just a VSFS press con. every time they turn up the pink light on the Empire State Building if the show is held in NYC.
  23. You dont whisper this kind of things, thats so unprofessional!
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