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  1. I dont think thats her own disicion. If she drops the show because she doesnt want to be booed, she isnt a professional at all, thats not even respectful to VS. and because she said "see you next year" it means she will return next year, do you want to select a model who drops you last minute, especially she is one of your highliner? I dont think so. So it has to do with the VISA or work permit. Katy Perry got banned because she was in Taiwan, holding a Taiwanese flag! China is in conflict with Taiwan for so many years. If you got banned for just holding a flag, you will be banned forsure for making fun of Budha! Thats what I think.
  2. Wow that's alot. But I have a feeling that VS knew this. Because this year they have so many models, more than 60. Maybe they knew there will be models who can't get work permit so they cast more than 60 models just in case like that. That's what I think. And what about the performers? Who's sure and who's not? I heard even Style will be banned.
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