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  1. She doesnt look thick. Its her oversized sweater and boyfriend jeans. 😂
  2. Adriana has the best accent! I like to listen when she speaks.
  3. I dont know, but some is up! This year is weird.
  4. If this is true, and there is still no Adriana to see for her fitting today. She will be the host then. That explains why she has no fitting.
  5. This year, they are very strict. in the passed years same time, few days before the show, we already knew some of the outfits, the segments, who is opening or closing each segments, how the venue looks like, the backstage,... this year really NOTHING!!! it looks they really want it to be a secret afterall.
  6. Clauds! Don't steal my idea haha! but this sounds great!
  7. Yes, a lot of OG angels have chances to leave, but only one has the biggest chance. Adriana hasn't do anything for VS this year, it's a goodbye already. one last show with her, one final moment. they should give her a segment for her only. 'Adriana's Secret' haha! oh wait, maybe there's a special segment for her this year, that's why her fittings are so 'secretly'... haha
  8. I said it before, there will be an Asian angel soon, VS opened two huge flagship stores in two big cities in China, they don't did it for nothing. China = money. and if there's an Asian angel aswell, MORE money!!
  9. Yes, I have the same feeling. she knew she got it long time ago, but she just didnt know when she will get it and how the bra looks like.
  10. Well, everybody would be a good bet. Adriana with her age and 'boyfriend', Candice with her own swimwear, Sara with her new acting carreer, Behati who wants to focus to be a mum,... a lot of OG angels have change to leave this year. I see Kendall, Gigi, Cindy Bruna,... even Liu Wen could be the new angels after this year.... but I bet on Adriana, she will say goodbye this year(if she is really walking)
  11. Still no news about Adriana?
  13. According 10magazine(Sophia) is the fitting over! The last one was Behati, Sophia is not even in the VScorporate anymore, and is at the fashion event. And no one paparazzi had spot Adriana at the VScorporate. Thats weird, because tomorrow is the rehearsal already. Lima hasnt done nothing for VS this whole year, so I dont think she will walk. I really dont know.
  14. if he posts this right after the 2017 show, it makes sense. so 'this DUO will be missed, and right BEFORE the show, it looks like we will miss BOTH of them. right??
  15. so wait, is Adriana really out?? damn! even without a decent goodbye like Ale?? that's sad
  16. Still no news about Adriana Lima?
  17. I think it doesnt look bad. it's simple, I miss colors in the FB like Lais, like the twins FB, or like Candice ones.. this one is just silver, but I guess it will looks better with wings on.
  18. yes! lab diamonds, because Swarovski doesn't have or sell real diamonds.
  19. this is not during the fittings. the background is in Pier59studio, not in the VScorporate I think.
  20. Pier 94. I meant how it looks like, the stage, colors, lights,.... I know where the show is
  21. now we want more news. themes, venue, rehearsal,....
  22. calm down people. all we saw was a stupid video from vogue. I guess when we see the official FB video, it will look better.
  23. anyway. Now we see the FB, what's next?
  24. it's a stupid video from Vogue. I think it looks better in an official video
  25. now we need an official annoucement video from Victoria's Secret.
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