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  1. They keep everything in a secret till the tape date is over I think, no pictures or phone allowed. No IG stories or pictures from the girls during the show. When the show is over, they have many time to leak and promote everything! Thats what it is I think, otherwise I cant explain why this year is so weird
  2. Or there is no FB at all this year. Too much money 😀
  3. This year is so weird. Its only 3 days left, normally this time they are already in the rehearsal. And now, no FB, no leaks, no nothing... so weird.
  4. Believe me, they might announce it in the afternoon. They dont have a 9 to 5 job haha.
  5. I guess her new BF.. he is a moslim, and he doesnt want her showing too much of her body I think, thats why she didnt do nothing for VS this whole year. That’s what I’ve heard.
  6. Not only no FB, there are no themes and no leaks, no venue pictures.. I start to think maybe there is no show at all haha🤣
  7. well.. I really think she has it this year. I really do. I don't see someone else will get it.
  8. it's a halloween thing. surely not for the show, cuz they used outfits from the past shows.
  9. on the VSFS wikipedia page, it says 8th November. so I don't know.
  10. someone help me out here. I hear everything. so, the show will be on 8th November, it is officially or rumor?? taping date or airing date?
  11. Believe me, VS is a company, and if they opened 2 big stores in China, there will be an asian angel too, and they know, if you want to earn big money in China(with billions women), make one of them as an angel too
  12. I said it here before. Sui will get the angel wings very soon, this year or next year. VS opened 2 huge flagship stores in 2 most famous cities in China, so there will be an asian angel for sure.
  13. The funny thing is, last year Sui gave a interview on Chinese television, it was before the show, they asked her what if you fall during the show, she said 'I will stop modeling'
  14. There will be an Asian angel for sure. if VS opened 2 huge flagship stores in the 2 famous cities in China, damn sure there will be an Asian angel. maybe this year or next year.
  15. OH, I guess I missed that one! thx!!!!
  16. anyone know where the show will be this year??
  17. Im not sure about the Porcelain segment. 'Seaside vibes from the shores of the Mediterranean and south of France'?? I think it has nothing to do with Mediterranean or south of france, porcelain is one of the famous product of China.
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