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  1. Have u seen Ohsoglam recently ?? She's vanished into thin air . :scared:

  2. Nothing much. Wait, look i have 5300 posts, that's a beautiful even number. I'd like to celebreate my 5300th post now. That is all. You may continue. :shifty:

  3. BTW, i see why you only have 3 stars, those lima fans are idiots. I gave you 5 stars but it doesnt change anything. How sad.


    *No offense to our brothers and sisters :angel: :hug: :kiss: :heart: !!!

  4. Haha Thanks. Hope i'll enjoy being 20.

  5. My honor, Miss Sweetandlow !! MWahahaha... :rofl:

  6. Hehe..i have a lot of homework but i was so lazy so i pretend like i didnt have any homework. And i got C, alot of C . :S

  7. helllllooooo..... :echo: . Where have you been ??

  8. I shine even when i sleep, baby!!! :shifty:

  9. Happy birthday, Sarah. Look, you're legal now. :shifty:

  10. Thanks Pinky. 1 more year to go.

  11. woohoo....


  12. BAHAHHA. Thanks. Where's my money ?!

  13. Man, things happened when i were gone huh ?!! Nothing really, just some .gifs of my new fav Asian actress/model - Shu Qi. :fan:

  14. Awww i missed you too, milky. Where ya been ?!! :D

  15. A habee b-day wish from The Joker.... why dont you celebrate !!! :shifty:

  16. Habee birthday, young man/woman/other.

  17. YAY !! The first one.

  18. im watching The Mummy right now and cant stop laughing :rofl:

  19. Habee B-day. Hoping you wont have to see me again !!

  20. No, but i have to, its Easters Friday and Im Catholic. Hello....*knocks knocks*

  21. Habee B-day. You can legally have sex from now on. Yay !! Am i too late ?!

  22. dude, if you're looking fore some good fights in your forum, i'm always here to help. Honestly. Heck i should major in Law and stuff...

  23. Anytime, Miss. ...err..whatever your name is....

  24. :rofl: Excuse me that was only for one side. I have to work my ass off for another side of mine first :rofl: :rofl:

    And work for your own properties :persuazn:

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