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  1. so... did you find anything evil from my lair ?! :shifty:

  2. It just froze when i was watching a movie, so i removed the battery and unlug the adapter then repluged everything back in to restart it but then....but then.... then..... yeah.

  3. hahaha you'll never stop being dirty, will u ?? And you have to wait for independent day sale to pay less than a dollar, im sorry !!!

  4. Caught in the middle.....

  5. MESMEL NEEDS A AVATAR !!! :shouts:

  6. You know i have issues with "red boxes", dont you ?!! :mellow:

    And mail myself too ?!! What do i get in return ?!! You ?!! :shifty:

  7. sonava bitch!

  8. is it a metaphor to any of your sarcasm ?? :shifty:

  9. the conversation you had with Matt is very interesting. Should i kill you both ?!! :mellow:

  10. OK i'll take that sig off if you give me a lap dance :rofl:

  11. What were all that conversations with Xan about ?!! HAH ?!! -_-

  12. I'm more surprised than you are, dude.

  13. send something crazy .... :ninja:

  14. awww why ?? Family ??? :rofl:

  15. And since when did i stop putting my interest in you ?!! Bellazon needs more members with brain like you (and me and everybody else on my friend list of course)

  16. Your added on my buddy list ! :3

  17. HAHAHA...thats awesome. And beckstar's answer is just retarded. I wish i could reply to him ... LOL

  18. alive !! U ??!! I have a final in 2 weeks. I have no idea what to do ... :(


  20. NO TEASING ON MY BOOBIES !!! :persuazn:

  21. Mesmelies !!!!!

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