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  1. Charlotte McKinney

    That'll be why LOL.
  2. Charlotte McKinney

    Quite shocking, not even like they're still pretty big but not as big as they were, she literally looks like a small breasted girl there.
  3. Charlotte McKinney

    Where....in the actual fuck....have her boobs gone?
  4. Emily Ratajkowski

    Weird how one of the cornerstones of her marriage seems to be to just piss off her ex.
  5. Josephine Skriver

    Has her bf ever worn anything other than a leather jacket?
  6. Gigi Hadid

    Y'all remember when Gigi didn't dress like an old woman?
  7. Josephine Skriver

    Jojo really can keep you guessing. She comes across as really sweet at times then she uploads pics like that and switches completely to bombshell Jo.
  8. General Celebrity Gossip

    Her husband is losing his hair.
  9. Emily Ratajkowski

    I don't know why she doesn't just embrace the bombshell route and go with it, she's got a huge male following and females seem to like her also, if she just stayed at it and did plenty of shoots she'd be one of the biggest models out there. But i guess she'd rather get small roles in movies (ironically more than often as the 'hot girl' or a character based around looks) as well as be tabloid fodder who just turns up to random red carpet events.
  10. Gigi Hadid

    Jesus her curves have just disappeared.
  11. Christen Harper

    +1 Hope Elizabeth doesn't influence her too much in that respect.
  12. General Celebrity Gossip

    I applaud that dude, even if this is short lived he gets to bang Emily and he might get a tidy pay-out if a divorce happens now they're civically married.
  13. General Celebrity Gossip

    I mean, people were jealous of whoever Emily was with from the beginning, who wouldn't be jealous of whoever got to spend their nights with her really People are just making a comment on something they think is a lil cringey, it's not just everyone going "m'lady should be with ME"
  14. General Celebrity Gossip

    I think people are more bemused with the fact she's marrying a dude she's only been with for weeks. And if she's so against doing things the traditional way why even get married at all. Like people have said we don't how she is as a person, but this just reeks of trying to make a big statement, when most people are just going to be like "okay, that's weird."
  15. General Celebrity Gossip

    How 'progressive' of you Emily.