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  1. Tbh if you have a body like Elizabeth and you aren't sending naughty pics to your significant other there's something wrong there.
  2. Apparently she had a nip slip in that silver dress @ Amber Lounge?
  3. You can tell how little the actual people working on this year's issue cared about it with the way they just suddenly dumped all the intimates videos on their channel at once.
  4. Anyone else still in disbelief that Raine Michaels is 18?
  5. Totally agree with it being creepy wanting things to leak that people don't want to, but saying you don't understand why straight men would want to see a model's nipples....I mean if you're a straight female you're not going to get it are you? It's like me saying I don't get women's obsession with a guy's junk.
  6. Am I missing something? I think Tyra looks amazing for 45? That chest puts a lot of regular issue girls to shame also.
  7. Political correctness ruins everything it touches and this is just another example. Get MJ out and (sorry to say) put a man in charge of the issue.
  8. I don't think it was her bf that leaked the pictures, included in the leaks were tonnes of non-nude selfies that seemed like very similar ones that were posted to Instagram, as in her multiple attempts before she got the right angle to upload, so I just think hackers got a hold of her phone's images.
  9. Only just started following Kara and I love her work, one question I had though, are her boobs real?
  10. She's got everything. She really should be a star in the modelling world.
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