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  1. I don't think it was her bf that leaked the pictures, included in the leaks were tonnes of non-nude selfies that seemed like very similar ones that were posted to Instagram, as in her multiple attempts before she got the right angle to upload, so I just think hackers got a hold of her phone's images.
  2. Fantastic! Thank you 😍
  3. Only just started following Kara and I love her work, one question I had though, are her boobs real?
  4. Avatar is Adriana Lima! 😍
  5. SI comes out in May this year.
  6. She's got everything. She really should be a star in the modelling world.
  7. Her boobs look even bigger in that bikini.
  8. That sucks to hear, it did get my hopes up that she was maybe returning. She seems to have a new confidence about herself since taking that time off and a I think we'd all welcome Nina back in the SI issue.
  9. Did anyone see that Nina Agdal was at an office building with a friend that was something to do with SI on her insta story the other day?
  10. If there is still months to go before the release and they're just starting shooting I wonder if they'll try and get Kate Upton involved.
  11. {name}

    General Discussion

    While there were a few highlights with this year's show, my one biggest problem is a very general one. Whoever is in charge of direction for the outfits etc. covered up the angels way too much. This is a lingerie show right? I'm completely baffled by any outfit where the first thought is, "How can we cover up the best bodies out there?" Not just saying this a red blooded male, all people like to see lots of sexy. The angels should be wearing next to nothing really, gotta sell the sex and show what all that Train Like an Angel stuff was for.
  12. {name}

    General Discussion

    Jo still looks quite covered to me.
  13. {name}

    General Discussion

    I think Kendall looks great tbh.
  14. {name}

    General Discussion

    That's evil for Barbara, shame on you VS.
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