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  1. Hi there,

    Who's the girl as your profile pic?



    1. lostdiadem

      Cindy Mello :D 

    2. pedalsteel

      Doumo argiato gazaimasu.

    3. lostdiadem

      Sure (?)

  2. Starting this out of curiosity. I love Brazilian models, particularly from the early noughties. But I thing I haven't understood is why many had boobjobs. Is it something to do with Brazilian culture, like Korea's obsession with similar kind of surgeries? Or something else? Wish I knew more about Brazil. Models I can think of off the top of my head: Isabeli (my favourite) Gisele Adriana Alessandra Juliana Imai Fernanda Tavares Raica Oliviera Ana Claudia Michels Lais Anne De Paula Isabel Goulart Caroline Francischini Sofia Resing ....should be others too
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