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  1. Hi there,

    Who's the girl as your profile pic?



    1. lostdiadem


      Cindy Mello :D 

    2. pedalsteel


      Doumo argiato gazaimasu.

    3. lostdiadem
  2. I thought she was someone well-known but it seems not.
  3. She seems to be in a lot of shows from around 2000-2002.
  4. While you're here, how does one notify the mods that this post should now be moved to ID'ed section?
  5. Just added Sofia Resing to the list. Looks like boobjobs are/were totally pandemic in Brazil. There must be a Brazilian in this forum or at least someone knowledgeable to enlighten on this matter.
  6. Totally agree. She's lost that something...and all that's left is that booty.
  7. Starting this out of curiosity. I love Brazilian models, particularly from the early noughties. But I thing I haven't understood is why many had boobjobs. Is it something to do with Brazilian culture, like Korea's obsession with similar kind of surgeries? Or something else? Wish I knew more about Brazil. Models I can think of off the top of my head: Isabeli (my favourite) Gisele Adriana Alessandra Juliana Imai Fernanda Tavares Raica Oliviera Ana Claudia Michels Lais Anne De Paula Isabel Goulart Caroline Francischini
  8. She already looks amazing, never needed that off-putting 90s style balls for bewbs, Wonder what came over her the day she decided to get them.
  9. For Roccobarocco Fall 2003 Nudity
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