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  1. Erin Heatherton

    CUTE :)
  2. Daniela Freitas

    it's sad there aren't any new pics being posted of my fav model
  3. Milla Jovovich

    my favorite singer John Frusciante went out with this girl lol If you wanna hear Milla sing, there's a song she did with him called "Can You Bend Like This" or something, and she introduces the song too ;-)
  4. Daniela Freitas

    oh my goodness she looks so cuuuute! (and quite young in the right one!) I like the light bolbs
  5. Natalia Vodianova

    gorgeous! some pics of her when she was younger scanned by me:
  6. Julie Ordon

    wow those are great!! I gotta see larger versions!
  7. Daniela Freitas

    thanks for that 2nd vid!
  8. Julie Ordon

    thank you! :Flower:
  9. Julie Ordon

    I don't think it is her. Shouldn't the 2nd Julie vid be up yet?
  10. Julie Ordon

    exactly. usually her blonde pics are kinda eh I totally agree! Wow she's hot, #2 after Daniela Freitas for me
  11. Julie Ordon

    Any baby pics of Julie?
  12. Julie Ordon

    I love her smile!
  13. Julie Ordon

    Me too!! She's definitely grown on me!
  14. Grace Small

    No new pics????
  15. Daniela Freitas

    is this Daniela?