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  1. That is just a word everyone is using I wouldn
  2. Was is so wrong with sleazy pictures? After all that is all they are, pictures. I love them and I
  3. The sleazy stuff is my favorite. I wouldn't want her to do anything else haha.
  4. Chicken don’t bother with him. He is bitter because I’m smarter then him and I beat him at his own game so leave it at that but thank you for standing up for me love.
  5. Dinah

    Angelina Jolie

    So hot I love Angelina so much. =)
  6. Dinah

    Star Wars

    I watched the old star wars not too long ago and instead of him being like “I am your father” he totally should have went “WHOS YOUR DADDY? I AM”
  7. No no chicken, you're my lovey I'll defend you to the end buwhahahah.
  8. Chicken, don't bother with him I know that your above that. When other people read this no one will need to point out how "mature" he is acting. If he was far "superior" to you he never would have antagonized you further so cool down and forget about him. Okay lovey?
  9. Oh no you might of used a bad word. More like it take more then that to been an arrogant
  10. Wow thanks JackBurton I love Kim Smith also.
  11. lol aw thank you sweets I know that you just prefect the way you are too! Most people don’t realllyyy need to lose weight it’s just something that is on our minds. <_< No I’m not a member I lurk there sometimes but I’m scared to join because I love bellazon so much, they might hate me there. Little chicks are sooo cute I’ve always wanted to steal a bunch from the petting zoo!
  12. You can just fly the calories off! Lol but I think one of my new years resolutions was to lose 5 pounds but I was really drunk and I probably ate a cookie within the same hour as saying that LOL. and oh yes such a good thing!
  13. Angie yes that is a good idea. I don’t like static in the air between people, if I offended you I didn’t intended to. We got off to a bad start so lets just forget about this and I think we should get along just fine. =) Brooke that was not directed at you there is no reason to be sorry sweets!
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