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  1. WOW! Thank you for posting!!! 🤤
  2. 3rd Place: Charlie Austin 1st Place: Yulia Rose ************************************* Answer: The 4 Finalists. Question: What is "I'd take all FOUR for a $1000" Alex!
  3. Charlie Austin. Hailey Outland. Yulia Rose. Clara Alonso.
  4. Wow- Thanks Pith! She sure has a pretty glow about her.
  5. Angels by Russell James Photoshoot 2018 Thanks for posting Werdenkv!!! You made my weekend 😀
  6. Anthea Lily Johanne Mckenna (toss up) Beata Thanks!
  7. Lauren Nicole Cindy Monica (although Clara's skin looks "ephemereal" or even evanescent on that one picture!) Jessica (freckles!)
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