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  1. she will marry him and will be muslim soon ! so he will never back to Turkey !
  2. The new Adriana when she will be married with metin , I think she will be great !!!
  3. Adriana love him , it's her right , and if she wants to take a Niqab or decided to be muslim , it's her right and she's like that , don't understand why everybody is furious !
  4. You're wrong , she only does 5 nude shoots in 15 years and only 3 with real nudity , I already explain Swimsuit and lingerie are clothes , you're covered when you work fir Swimsuit and lingerie , for Example model Lara Stone or Natalia Vodianova have done many works with real nude so there are not prudish even if they posed less nude now ! The nude work is art and not vulgar , I don't understand why people are not understand the art in a full nudity and confuse nudity and porn . I always think nudity is more natural and less vulgar to try to make believe ! I'm sorry to say that But she's prude , there are models more prude than her , but she's not the champion for take off her clothes ! So I won't be schocking if she decided to take Niqab or decided to be muslim ... So I don't understand why a fan like you is shocking , If you really know her , you should be happy ! She's right to leave VS , a lot of model earn money with VS , but sorry it's really vulgar and tasteless , a lot of people in fashion business think VS is here only because advertising but it's the playboy of the poor without nudity ....
  5. I don't understand why people are schoking , Adriana has always been a little prudish and don't pose nude really often, she was already like this , so for me I think she's like that , Metin are not 100 % responsible , I won't be schocking if she decided to take a Niqab , she has always been religious and shy ! She already take serbian nationality so ...
  6. one of favorite actress , she's a true actress and she has an incredible body !
  7. She's great one of the biggest regret it's have been to never see her nude in playboy or in nude scenes , she always have been prudish , too bad she seems to have a great body !
  8. Not agree , lingerie is like swimsuit but more eleborate and sexy , on the beach nobody wear fashion clothes ! There are place for clothes , other place for lingerie or swimsuit but it's clothes , it's not because you have less clothes that you revealing more , the best part are always hide !
  9. Sorry but for me Lingerie and clothes are fashion and it's same thing !!! same thing for nudity because there are covered nudity and full nudity , for me covered is not nudity , I'm very picky about that , a lot of reporters confuse nudity, bare, lingerie and pornography, and eroticism .... For me a model who is nude covered or in lingerie is absolutely not nude !
  10. Sorry but lingerie it's not nudity , a lot of people think it's the same , but your intimate parts are covered so it's clothes , you have push up and many other things , alot of model have not the same body than in lingerie when you see them full nude !!! your body is covered by lingerie so you don't take your clothes it's just more sexy than swimsuit !
  11. But she only talk about nudity , VS is fashion clothes , we don't take clothes off when we work for VS , Lingerie is fashion clothes , so .... Take off her clothes is to be nude !
  12. What is the problem, it's a just a vulva , it's natural like Penis for men !
  13. Nobody have said that Victoria secret is really vulgar and I understand why she wants to leave , but Victoria secret is fashion, lingerie is fashion clothes , when you work for Victoria secret you don't take your clothes because you wear clothes , so I don't understand this conversation about VS !!!
  14. Sorry but VS it's fashion , you don't take your clothes when you're working for Vs , lingerie it's clothes , so I don't think she speaks about VS but about nudity !!
  15. We don't care of Vs departure , Vs is too much vulgar , she needs to leave this brand ! Like I said she was already prudish , so I don't see the difference !
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