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  1. that's Duckie Thot! i really do hope she gets to walk this year, i love her way too much
  2. Vanity Fair cover
  3. thanks for the updates!
  4. i'm confused i'm almost a 100% sure the whole thing about the twins came out a few months ago (when he was barely dating Georgina)
  5. the more pictures they release the more excited i get to see the movie
  6. even though i dont like most DC films, i really want this movie to succeed because we need more movies about female superheroes it seems like most opinions from january-april were completely wrong about the movie being another DC mess, because most of the reviews from people that are seeing the movie now are saying that the movie was amazing, and right now it has a 94% score in rotten tomatoes (which i think is the most a DC film has ever received). there are very few negative reviews and most of them are from misogynistic dudebros and people who wanted her to stay as a second character in DC movies (leaving the leading role to either Batman or Superman), so they obviously did something right. a female superhero movie directed by a woman......it really is the beginning of something!
  7. those dresses are a big NO
  8. i was shocked when i saw the photos, she looks amazing!
  9. her body is literally goals
  10. i really would like him to date Rihanna (and go public about it, not hiding it and playing games like he did with Nina) but Rih wouldnt put up with his dudebro attitude AT ALL but they would look amazing together
  11. she looks amazing in the Allure photoshoot, but i agree with the poster that said she looks better with darker hair. that blonde looks unnatural on her.
  12. I'm really rooting for Lais to get the FB this year Also, i really want Irina to come back this year too because (i think) we didnt get to see her full potential last year
  13. ohh i love that video, can't wait for him to start having kids
  14. Hola a todo el mundo
  15. i ABSOLUTELY love the " all-red segment" idea!