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  1. I know Hannah, a super sweetheart...
  2. According to this, VS plans to bring back Swim and other things the previously got rid of.
  3. It has a big backyard, chicken coop, and wears Chicken diapers when inside lololol
  4. 44717726_136571083982288_208234953454113223_n.mp4 44789762_1109734592534377_2823703242873391777_n.mp4
  5. Fan brought over a chicken to cook... Ice kept it as a pet
  6. 42398586_250990538898211_7584662167961214007_n.mp4 42572107_423637471498864_1042032873196936325_n.mp4 44582876_2244594828945709_5983315667534424136_n.mp4 45075706_159452965009428_646490282915019797_n.mp4
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