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  1. 4. Shanina Shaik 3. Cindy Kimberly 2. Nibar Madar 1. Chandler Bailey 4. Sophi Knight 3. Romi Pavoncello 2. Maylin Aguirre 1. Amalia Strand
  2. ROUNDS 7 - 8 & 9-10(B) USA, Netherlands, Israel, Australia Handicaps & Bonuses in place B Chandler Bailey ↔ B Cindy Kimberly C Nibar Madar ↔ A Shanina Shaik ______________________________ Italy, Canada, Cuba, Chile Handicaps & Bonuses in place C Romi Pavoncello ↔ C Sophi Knight C Maylin Aguirre ↔ C Amalia Strand Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team) (4 the most, 1 the least) Chandler Bailey
  3. Hailey Outland Rosmary Altuve Madison Headrick Natasja Madsen Renée Murden Emily Didonato Shanina Shayk Lindsay Ellingson Elizabeth Turner Yael Shelbia
  4. David Bruckner Directing TV Series Adaptation of Rami Malek’s Apocalypse Podcast “Blackout” The end of civilization as you know it. Starring and executive produced by Academy Award Winner Rami Malek, the popular podcast series “Blackout“ is getting a small screen adaptation, Deadline reports this week. David Bruckner (The Night House) is on board to direct the TV series adaptation, Deadline has announced today. Bruckner has previously directed The Signal, the “Amateur Night” segment in our V/H/S, the segment “The Accident” in our Southbound, and monster movie The Ri
  5. “Mindhunter”: David Fincher and Netflix Reportedly Talking About a Potential Third Season Last year, David Fincher opened up in a chat with Vulture and revealed that Netflix’s “Mindhunter” is at least temporarily on hold at the moment, with Fincher admitting that there just weren’t enough people watching to justify the cost and the work involved in bringing another season to life. At the same time, however, he’s been keeping that hope alive. Fincher had noted in a chat with Variety back in November of last year, “At some point I’d love to revisit it. The hope was to get
  6. AMERICAN PSYCHO could be fun if they did it as dark comedy told from Bateman's point of view. Kinda like DEXTER, but in the business world, and with afar more deranged protagonist.
  7. Lionsgate Developing an ‘American Psycho’ TV Series Adaptation; Possibly a ‘Saw’ Series as Well? Directed by Mary Harron, the 2000 film American Psycho brought Bret Easton Ellis’s novel to the big screen, and it looks like Patrick Bateman is next headed to the small screen. Speaking with Deadline this week, Lionsgate Television chairman Kevin Beggs previewed all things Lionsgate TV that are currently in the works, including an American Psycho series. And, potentially down the road, a television series set in the Saw universe?! “American Psycho is in deve
  8. Dexter”: Michael C. Hall is Back in New Teaser Trailer for Showtime’s Revival! America’s favorite serial killer is back. Michael C. Hall stars in Showtime‘s upcoming revival of “Dexter,” a continuation of the original series that will essentially allow Showtime to make up for the show’s original finale. Check out the official teaser trailer below, giving us our first look at Hall as Dexter in nearly 10 years! Jamie Chung (“Lovecraft Country”) joins Hall in the revival, with the cast also including Clancy Brown, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoy
  9. What We Do in the Shadows’ Spinoff Series “Wellington Paranormal” Getting US Premiere in July! In addition to FX’s series, the world of “What We Do in the Shadows” was also expanded upon with the spinoff “Wellington Paranormal,” focused on the film’s easily-manipulated police officers, Mike Minogue and Karen O’Leary. From creators Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, the series premiered in New Zealand back in 2018, and it’s now getting a US release. “Wellington Paranormal” has been acquired by HBO Max and The CW, and the series will premiere on The CW on July 11, 2021. It
  10. Amazon Heads to the “Unknown” Parts of America with Anthology Series Everyone’s trying to find a new angle into the anthology and this new one mixes urban legends with true crime. Craig MacNeill (“The Twilight Zone”, “Castle Rock”) & Clay Chapman, the duo behind SpectreVision’s SXSW horror film The Boy, have teamed up with Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films to develop the horror series “Unknown” at Amazon, reports Deadline. It sounds as if this anthology series tackles a new story every season, as opposed to each episode. “The fir
  11. Oh holy Doge ❤️ May you make many of your worshipers monies
  12. I nominated nothing but new people (except for one person) hoping to bring some new faces, and nope didn't happen... however in my own comps they do well and people get excited to see new faces, so I dunno .
  13. That's not where I was going with my thoughts though.... I don't know if it's just harmless banter between you two or what, but that statement came across as a little - needy old man creeper on the internet - now I'm sure Kiki didn't take it as such but to people unaware of whatever your relationship is like charming little quips like that come across as noppe with a generous side of no... And then you call her mommy..... You do you boo boo.....
  14. 4. Elisha Herbert 3. Lisiane Witt 2. Gabrielle Caunesil 1. Nina Agdal
  15. ROUNDS 5 - 6 (B) Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France Handicaps & Bonuses in place C Elisha Herbert ↔ C Lisiane Witt B Nina Agdal ↔ B Gabrielle Caunesil Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team) (4 the most, 1 the least) Elisha Herbert Lisiane Witt Nina Agdal Gabrielle Caunesil
  16. Valeria Rudenko Tanya Kizko Effy Harvard Xian Mikol
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