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Some more HQs I didn't see posted yet!

HQs - Follow The Sun Party, June 24 2010

nxs-follow_the_sun_party_031.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_032.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_033.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_034.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_035.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_036.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_037.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_038.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_039.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_040.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_041.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_042.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_043.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_044.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_045.jpg

nxs-follow_the_sun_party_046.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_047.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_048.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_049.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_050.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_051.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_052.jpg nxs-follow_the_sun_party_053.jpg

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Hmm. Doesn't look like Adriana got that many more shots in the campaign after all. :/ Tho she looks so stunning here!

HQs - The Making of Loewe F/W 2010

nxs-Loewe11_AW10_V_06July10_PR.jpg nxs-Loewe12_AW10_V_06July10_PR.jpg nxs-Loewe19_AW10_V_06July10_PR.jpg nxs-Loewe20_AW10_V_06July10_PR.jpg nxs-Loewe25_AW10_V_06July10_PR.jpg

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