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Hana Nitsche

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Translation of an article in German about Hana and Barbara at the GQ Style Night with Naomi Campbell:


When beginners learn from top models

It has been one and a half months since Heidi Klum named the next "Topmodel". And already, the newborns from the TV show compare themselves with the old hare Naomi Campbell.

A radiating smile, a seductive glance: supermodel Naomi Campbell needs only three seconds on the red carpet - then she has the crowd on her side. Respectfully, the photographers call her to them somewhat, the teenagers by the barricade cannot compete with the excitement she brings. Campbell counts as one of the last superstar models and at entrances like the GQ Style Night at the Munich Sportmesse Ispo [a trade show for athletic clothing] she fascinates the rookie models. "She is an icon," says Hana Nitsche, the third place finisher in Heidi Klum's show "Germany's Next Top Model". "She has a great personal style and a fantastic radiance."

The British model perfectly controls glamorous entrances such as at Sportmesse in Munich. She is often listed as the last great star in the fashion industry. In the 1990s, women like Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer became famous worldwide for their looks - and often received breathtaking salaries for their appearances [at fashion events]. Since the beginning of the new millennium, it is clear that the "star culture" has passed. For fashion shows and photoshoots it is more often that very young - and above all cheap - models get booked.

This makes it all the more difficult to become a supermodel today. "I find, one can really learn a lot from her, she already has so much experience," says the red haired Barbara Meier, who carries the the title of "Germany's Next Top Model" after Heidi Klum's decision on the show. "But, I find it a little much to use the word 'example'. I do not say, 'I want to be just like her.' I want to be successful in my own way."

Campbell is counted by many collegues as a "Zicke" [bitch, I think] with an often irritating star power. So the young models in no case want to become her. "Yes always, she is a Zicke, but I would like to know whether that is really true," explains Hana. She would certainly rather not been seen in the same way as her experienced collegue. "Every model should be an individual," says Hana.

With models there will always be envy

Campbell was trained very early on the runway: her mother set down everything so her daughter could become famous. At the age of 14 she left school - and since then her modeling career steeply risen. To be sure, Campbell also made a name for herself as an eccentric superstar, demolishing the hotel room furnishings in a fit of rage or throwing her cell phone at her maid. For the cell phone incident a court ordered the supermodel to a week of community service, cleaning up garbage in New York - and Campbell showed up for work in black stiletto boots and a knee-length black jacket.

So far Barbara does not want to become like that. "I believe it would take an insane amount of things to happen for me to flip out," she says. Certainly, the job could already get to one's nerves. "With models there will always be envy. That is simply part of the job. That is something that will never go away in this industry."

Whether she is likely to become a worldwide star, Barbara does not exactly know - although the next few weeks are already filled with fashion shows and photoshoots. "I will naturally do what I can now to become successful and work hard at it. But I think it is impossible to predict when someone will become a true star. I already am asking myself if that is something I want, because when people think of you as a star, then you have very little privacy after that."

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It's strange that Hana has totally unretouched versions of her For You pics on her site. <_<

Here are two slightly retouched versions. Let's see how they will look like in print.


Other retouched versions can be found here:


WOW, she's doing Schwarzkopf? I didn't know that!! That's great for her!!

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