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  1. Have those already been posted? [i wonder if the first shows Raquel & Carol or if it is Raquel and somebody else... <_< ] Vogue Italia - Make love not war - by Stephen Meisel ---> Nudity included!!
  2. Aw, I love her. She's great! Btw: Does someone know a good Stammy Gallery? 'Cause I didn't found any. <_<
  3. well, this girl has got a new fan... omg, she is just amazing... love those pics of her...
  4. thank you so much stawrogin she's just stunning...
  5. It's great that she made it.. But I would have loved if Hana had been the second and not Anni.. :yuckky:
  6. That Girl rocks, thanks for posting Becky.. Well, I hope that VS will notice her.. Especially 'cause I heard that Gisele and Adriana won't do anything for VS anymore... I think she would be great for VS..
  7. You're welcome, I posted them with pleasure btw. she was such a sweet child.. gosh, I'm totally in love with her. Thanks!
  8. I'm absolutely impressed of those.. the colours... Istanbul Shooting
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I saw those pics.. She's stunning.. <3 Salming Underwear
  10. you're welcome just some more pics of Hana, hope you enjoy ;D Testshooting Uta Seelos
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