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  1. Have those already been posted? [i wonder if the first shows Raquel & Carol or if it is Raquel and somebody else... <_< ] Vogue Italia - Make love not war - by Stephen Meisel ---> Nudity included!!
  2. Aw, I love her. She's great! Btw: Does someone know a good Stammy Gallery? 'Cause I didn't found any. <_<
  3. well, this girl has got a new fan... omg, she is just amazing... love those pics of her...
  4. thank you so much stawrogin she's just stunning...
  5. It's great that she made it.. But I would have loved if Hana had been the second and not Anni.. :yuckky:
  6. That Girl rocks, thanks for posting Becky.. Well, I hope that VS will notice her.. Especially 'cause I heard that Gisele and Adriana won't do anything for VS anymore... I think she would be great for VS..
  7. You're welcome, I posted them with pleasure btw. she was such a sweet child.. gosh, I'm totally in love with her. Thanks!
  8. Pictures from Paris, Dec '06
  9. I'm absolutely impressed of those.. the colours... Istanbul Shooting
  10. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I saw those pics.. She's stunning.. <3 Salming Underwear
  11. you're welcome just some more pics of Hana, hope you enjoy ;D Testshooting Uta Seelos
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