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Are we allowed to "break" actresses on here?

Miss Maven

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I dont know if this is allowed, but I know of a gorgeous young woman we just signed who's about to start shooting soon for Desperate Housewives. Her name is Alessandra Blanco and she'll be playing Eva Longoria's younger sister on the show for 6 episodes.

Anyway, she's dynamite, drop dead gorgeous, amazing body, just not photogenic enough to model although i've been told Maxim has been courting her since she was 18, but her screen tests have gone amazing. Her beauty comes across very well on tape.

This will be her first thing... we brought her out here, she went to Aria one night with a fellow actor/client and we've already been getting calls of interest for her.

Bright star for sure.

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Do you have any images or anything :idk:

and this should proabably be in general discussion until she does start on Desperate housewives

anyways welcome to BZ (only like 5months late :laugh:) :wave:

Well, I have some of her that are candids. But none of them are professional. We hadnt taken any head shots yet because Mark Cherry booked her immediately once he saw her in person... post-6601-0-1446156248-06429_thumb.png







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I said in my original post im part of the management staff... its not a secret... but lets be realistic, its a board of a few hundred people. Its not a big marketing endeavor. Just thought some people might be a fan of the show and of a new person making her debut on it.

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