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First Russian Podcast about Sonar Kollektiv record-label releases

Nicola Trunfio

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hey guys! :wave:

this idea came to my head in december 2006, since then i negotiated with sonar kollektiv, and recently they gave me resolution to promote sonar kollektiv artist in russia. so this is the very first podcast from me with selection of fine tunes!

this small podcast in radiostyle and available only on russian language (so, who loves russian language here? :cain: ), though the music is needless to translate.

please enjoy!

p#1 outlines - listen to the drums part 2


feedback appreciate ;)

sonar kollektiv

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i listened to it yesterday but didn't have time to post feedback :ermm:

Anyways, first of all: great voice, and great language :D and maybe it'd be different if i could actually understand what you say but you could definitely work for a radio, you sound natural and good :laugh:

about the music... i love it :D but i didn't get all names of the tracks since it was mixed in your speech in Russian :laugh: could you list them when you have some time ? (even the ones that are very short)

thank you, good jod :D

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i'm really-really happy that you liked it! :hug:

you know, in download statistics i saw the one person from france and i thought it was you ben! and i was right :laugh:

well, this podcast about releases of sonar kollektiv label. #1 was dedicated outlines - a french club style collective. so there's only 2 full tunes in there.

anyway there's a full list for you:

00.00 jazzanova - behold these days (berlin 74)

00.44 jazzanova - this is the place (overture)

00.55 outlines - just a lil' lovin

02.42 outlines - listen to the drums (jazzanova remix)

04.55 outlines - listen to the drums (jazzanova remix / dixon edit)

08.50 outlines - listen to the drums (drumlesson remix)

voila :)

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I think you're really good at many sides :shifty:

We already talked to that and you praised yourself. Pish! :rofl:

A/W I love all the music especially the third track! I feel like that I'm in a cool club right now and your voice is very becoming the music. You did a great job! :flower: Oleg ROCKS! :blueeyedbaby:

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new podcast is available!

p#2 1luv - neophilia & thief - sunchild



1luv - pieces

1luv - daylight (slope remix)

1luv - above you (dixon edit)

1luv - the answer

1luv - stay

1luv - if you can

thief - hold on, hold on

thief - atlantic

jazzanova feat. thief - the sirens' call

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  • 2 weeks later...

new podcast :)


markus enochson - day and night (radio edit)

markus enochson - tonight the night (quasimode remix)

markus enochson - endless dance (karizma remix vox)

drumlesson - strings of life

jazzanova feat. capitol a - rendezvous

jazzanova - behold these days (berlin '74)

jazzanova - ice

micatone - d-d-d-dance

jazzanova feat. clara hill - that night (live at 'the sk office')

jazzanova - theme from belle et fou (bows)

download: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/28557.mp3

streaming: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru

RSS-subscribe: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru/rss.xml

more info sonar kollektiv

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  • 2 weeks later...

in new podcast we'll listen the new compilation "...broadcasting from offtrack radio" by jazzanova and dirk rumpff, some hip-hop style from outlines and compilation of electronic masterpieces from early 80s!


state river widening - cottonwood

mark pritchard & steve spacek - turn it on

deyampert - held him first (acoustic version)

outlines - waiting in line

outlines - i'm in love

outlines - waiting in line (krazy baldhead remix)

codek - tim toum

jean-luc ponty - computer incarnations for world peace

special touch - garden of life

direct link: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/29894.mp3

listen online: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru

RSS-subscribe: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru/rss.xml

sonar kollektiv

enjoy ;)

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  • 1 month later...

hi once again :wave: new podcast on-line!


in this podcast we'll hear dutch singer and producer benny sings, raggae by the black seeds, debut album from outlines and house tracks "members of the trick" series from trickski.


1. benny sings - coconut

2. benny sings - overnight

3. the black seeds - cool me down

4. the black seeds - the answer

5. outlines - our lives are too short

6. outlines - now that i'm free (feat. rza)

7. trickski - drakkar

8. trickski - powerhorse

direct link: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/32443.mp3

online: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru

RSS-subscribe: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru/rss.xml

enjoy ;)

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  • 4 weeks later...

P#6 Sonar Kollektiv Ten Years, Who Cares?


this year sonar kollektiv celebrates 10 years! so this compilation is about most significant releases for all time. all kind of styles and genres, this compilation gives the understanding - who is and what is sonar kollektiv! enjoy!


1. micatone - quiet boy

2. sirius mo - u-again

3. dimlite - back to universe (slapped eyeballers remix)

4. jazzanova - let your heart be free (2007 edit)

5. jazzanova - that night (wahoo remix)

6. ame - sarari

7. markus enochson - for you to see (tiger stripes remix vox)

8. kabuki - after the fire (fear. cleveland watkiss)

9. slope - komputa groove

direct link: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/33975.mp3

listen online: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru

RSS-subscribe: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru/rss.xml

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  • 1 month later...

hola everybody! check the new podcast ;)


Sonar Kollektiv presents the great collection of raggae and dub this summer. the best music for the hottest summer days!

this time you can find here the new song from debut album berlin-based DJ Eva Be; compilation from Daniel Best (Best Seven), who's also presents new album of The Black Seeds; in addition exclusive stuff from Benny Sings!


1. eva be - no memory of time (feat. joe dukie)

2. eva be - no memory of time (feat. joe dukie) (tolcha remix)

3. dutch riddim combo - ride of your life (feat. bodea)

4. extended spirit - sista riddim

5. boozoo bajou - take it slow (feat. joe dukie)

6. funset - no blame

7. the black seeds - got a girl

8. the black seeds - heavy mono e

9. benny sings - blackberry (feat. urita)

10. benny sings - no more drinks for me (bootleg)

11. melasse - soulmap


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  • 5 weeks later...

hi once again, some news from sk


Here's 2nd single from Berlin-based DJ Eva Be with her fresh touch in dub, DJ Tools from Seiji (Bugz In The Attic), the track from electronic guru Mark Pritchard (aka Troubleman) and new Slope's work Gemini


1. eva be - trippin' on eva be (feat. david ben-porat)

2. eva be - tunc

3. eva be - trippin' on eva be (feat. david ben-porat) (spleen's 8 channel dub remix)

4. seiji - come on everybody

5. seiji - dribbler

6. mark pritchard - turn it on (feat. steve spacek)

7. mark pritchard - turn it on (instrumental)

8. slope - gemini

9. slope - gemini (ambient mix)

direct link: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/40531.mp3

listen online: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru


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