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Robin Thicke

Strawberry BigMac

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*Courtesy of Wikipedia*

Thicke was born to vocalist Gloria Loring and Canadian entertainer Alan Thicke (best known for his role on the sitcom Growing Pains). At a young age, Thicke showed an interest in music and has often cited classic soul singers like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder as his influences.

At the ages of 12 and 13, Thicke was a guest actor on several episodes of The Wonder Years and an episode of Growing Pains. He decided to pursue a music career; at the age of sixteen, Thicke became friends with the president of Uptown Records, Andre Harrell, and struck a deal with the fledgling Nu America Records, a subsidiary of Interscope Records. He also penned a wide range of hits for pop artists such as Usher, Christina Aguilera, Mya, Brandy, and Marc Anthony. He is married to actress Paula Patton, who is pictured on the cover of his A Beautiful World album.

As an artist, he recorded and performed solely under his surname, Thicke. He would continue to do so until 2005-2006.

[edit] 2002

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omg this guy deserves so much more credit, for his music, as well as his looks!! he's so hot and i love his songs.

i've heard people call him "Justin Timber-fake" which is pure wrong. plus he's way hotter than justin. anyone else agree?

He does deserve much more credit than he receives! He is just amazing!

You know, I always thought he looked like JT, and even sounded similar to him, but after listening to his music even more for some time now, I believe that he blows JT out of the water. Completely. Robin has an incredible singing voice. Justin can't sing like him, not even close.

And I also agree that Robin is even better looking. :drool:

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i was just listening to Wanna love you girl Wanna love you :heart: One of my fav songs!!!!

and no i dont think he is a fake justin. i dont see any resemblanxce between justin and him. IMO, he copies George Michael much more...but i like him. she is sexy in a classy retro style :)

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