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What kind of movie watcher are you?

Guest quasicartes

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Guest quasicartes

Of course, there are many categories, there are the emotional ones, the action junkies, the intellectual ones... I don't want to list all because: 1) I don't want to stereotype, 2) I don't know how many categories there are.

The action junkie just love actions, they don't care about the plot. They tend to watch dumb movies like Daredevil or Steven Seagal stuff. :ninja:

The emotional ones are those who loves corny flicks like Titanic and Lost In Translation.

The intellectual ones have tend to watch movie that has a meaning like an artistic value or a reflection of the society's values and culture. That is, however, another type of intellectual ones, the not-so-intellectual ones like those loving psychological thrillers. :ninja:

Judging by the number of action movies made, is it save to assume that most movie watchers are action junkies?

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action and comedy...but the action movie cant be mindless and extremely fake violence. movies like dawn of the dead are shitty to me cus its just mindless killing...no point to it. movies like collateral on the other hand are amazing since the violence is perfectly calculated and never useless.

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Difficult to say, I may like an action movie as well as a "non-Hollywood" intellectual movie (e.g. Map of the Human Heart). I also like watching beautiful actresses no matter how poor the movie itself is. I like audiovisually stunning movies. It is an audiovisual artform. If I want only the story I can read the book, it's always better you know... Star Wars movies are the best in my opinion and Steven Spielberg is the best director ever IMHO. Go figure... :huh:
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