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Who is your Favourite "non-models"

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Mischa Barton, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Lake Bell, Ashanti, Kate Bosworth, Eve Longoria, Aaliyah, Leslie(French singer), Denise Richards, Christina Ricci, J.Lo, Beyonce, Willa Holland, Rachel Bilson, Katherine Higl, Marcia Cross, Christina Aguilera...and the list goes on :p

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Sophie Marceau, Vanessa Paradis, Brigitte Bardot, Liv Tyler, Emmanuelle Béart, Isabelle Adjani, Vahina Giocante, Catherine Zeta jones,...

exquisite taste!! :thumbsup:

my favs are definitelly

Kate Beckinsale - Underworld...GREAT!!

Naomi Wats (seen her in Mullholand drive? She´s HELLA awesome actress),

Kate Winslet,

Meryl Streep (Hours were definitelly thebest),

Nicole Kidman,

Julianne Moore,

Cate Blanchet,

Halle Berry (monsterball...oh man...),

Angelina Jolie (Girl Interupted),

Zhang Zhiyi, Gong Li (extraordinary both oh them especially in Geisha),

Penelope Cruz (Volver),

Jennifer Connelly in Beautiful mind,

Ali Larter in heroes (never liked her at all, but she´s really awesome there),

Monica Bellucci in The Passion if the Christ and Tears of the sun,

Milla Jovovich in 5th Element,

Jessica Alba ONLY for her look, not her talent, but in Dark Angel she was quite good!!

Kirsten Dunst - this girl really CAN act :heart:

Charlize Theron

Uma Thurman - Kill Bill rulez...she´s very versatile

Sandra Bullock - her comedy talent is flawless

Audrey Tautou - amazing actress

Natalie Portman - she´s a star, a real one, in V for Vendetta...damn...I was gazing at her talent

Jennifer Aniston in Break up, I think this girl has a big potencial, all she needs is a BIG role, look at her when she´s "crying", especially in Bruce Allmighty, she almost made me cry too, and I NEVER cry because of movies :D

Sienna Guillory - the only bright light in Eragon... :D she´s amazingly versatile, needs more roles!!

can´t think of more now, but there are...MANY more...write down them as soon as I remember :D

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