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Mischa Barton


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just jared

Mischa Barton @ Sundance Film Festival 2008

Mon, 21 January 2008 at 11:26 am

Mischa Barton arrives at Salt Lake City airport on Sunday to attend the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. She will be promoting Assassination of a High School President, her new teen comedy about stolen SAT exams.

Earlier this month, the 21-year-old former O.C. actress was spotted leaving “The Good Shepherd Catholic Church” in Beverly Hills to attend confessional. She was recently arrested for DUI, possession of illegal narcotics and driving without a valid license.

According to E!, Mischa has hired publicists Howard Bragman and Lisa Perkins of L.A.-based Fifteen Minutes, and attorney Anthony V. Salerno to be her legal counsel. (Bragman, an openly gay publicist, was hired by Isaiah Washington to handle damage control for using the F-word.)

Mischa was also recently photographed walking her two dogs, Ziggy and Charlie, in a Beverly Hills park.

mischabartonsundancefiltd5.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilsu0.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilja5.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilzb0.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilrw8.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilgl9.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilou4.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilri1.th.jpg mischabartonsundancefilkk3.th.jpg

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Director Brett Simon, actress Mischa Barton and actor Reece Thompson from the film 'Assassination of a High School President' pose for a portrait at the Miners Club during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2008 in Park City, Utah.

79149244cd3.th.jpg 79149219do1.th.jpg 79149194do1.th.jpg 79149249an3.th.jpg 79149313iz4.th.jpg 79149191xh0.th.jpg

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You know me,I had to do close ups of those great pair of legs :whistle: loved to have seen more leg (upskirt more) :drool:

also looks good in heels :heart: post-14405-1199464618_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464678_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464708_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1199464736_thumb.jpg

nice legs on a young Mischa post-14405-1199464804_thumb.jpg (gotta like the white socks/heels combination) :blush:post-14405-1199465017_thumb.jpg

and mmmm all that leg showing! :whistle: post-14405-1199465100_thumb.jpg

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