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Since not all of us have our own little personal threads, I thought I'd be nice to give you guys some place to just put your thoughts, wether they be rants, raves, stories, poems, random idea's, whatever, doesn't matter.

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Greetings and Salutations from your sore as hell Narrator! :ninja:

*goes to snatch a drink from last night's rendition of Jesus and sits back down, fires up and starts to type*'

So again, the opportunity presented itself to see one of my favourite bands of all times, not just see them... hang out with them tonight. Mind you, dear readers that your friendly narrator stupidly decided to get shitfaced the night before *and a little tonight... shhhh!* , yeah yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh it up........ AND woke up with a savage hangover, but hey!.. There were 2 count em 2 anniversaries for me this evening so as much as I would have loved to lay there, moan and whine about how shitty I felt,.. I pressed on and in quite the hurried manner as I was short of time and had to get bathed, shaved, and costumed up for the night's festivities....

I chose something fairly last minute-wise,.. but none the less it worked for me and for the ones I went with.

Now, little did I know that my "gurl" was dressing up as well and quite smartly I might add as, you guessed it....... *chews on nail*.. or maybe you didn't........ Our "Savior"!.... A bit controversial I admit but what else would one expect from anyone I run about town with?

So off we go to meet up with Hooker, who decides herself to be a bit "out of character, dressed as an angel,.. ha ha ha.. the thing she is farthest from!.. But hey now,.. she IS MY ANGEL so piss off to any of you that don't agree!

Of course, running late as usual but we make it downtown to meet up with Hooker and Jimmy the Limo driver and newer addition to our motley crew..... We pull up and there he is,.. with her already in the back, shitfaced as usual, gotta love it.

*smirks and takes a drink*

We pile in and head off to pick up some party favours..... Drop off Mumbles who happens to be in the car already and off we go,.. In The Wrong Bloody Direction!.... So a U-turn later finds us heading for the show/meet -n- greet!

We pull up in front of the place, already near drunk again, and stagger stagger crawl crawl up to the door..... Jimmy and Jesus go to park the car... We go in to get tickets one of my friends was holding for us...... Now of course, wrong door,.. and have to ditch something at the door which pissed me off, but hey, you do what ya gotta do and move the fuck on...... Go back out and run into Jesus,.. Jimmy still off parking... AND........ This scrawny no brained cunt that I wanted to just slam into a fucking wall but, was diverted by Hooker and Jesus's need to " hurry the fuck up and get the damned tickets!"

*much needed swallow taken of milk,.. the only hangover cure that's ever worked for me and continues*

We get the tickets and much to the dismay of the Hooker, I drag her ass about looking for a smoking area... but ciggy's aren't what's planned. :blink:

*a fine liquor based sweat begins to break out as the anger sets in*

What is it with this world and smoking (ANYTHING)?.. I mean for fuck's sake people,.. get over yourselves!.. Your precious little lungs can handle a little smoke!.... Or sit your sorry asses somewhere else!.... I mean for......

Alright, dropping that rant....... Back on the subject....... We trudge all the way to the other side of the building and FINALLY find the smoking area....... Now here's the funny part!.... There's a fuckin line to go out and a line to get in!.. How fu...... No wait,.. I said I wasn't gonna rant about that so ok....

We have a much needed smoke and back in we go,.. then it's a matter of standing in line for the ATM and oh lucky us!.. There's this college-ite chick that can't seem to realize,.. when the machine clearly states,

"insufficient funds for this transaction"

and a line is forming behind you and getting irritated that it MAYBE TIME to move aside....... So of course your now not so friendly narrator makes this point VERY CLEAR TO HER, she moves, I get my cash and off we go for beer....... Very expensive beer I might add........... I swear,.. these venues today are THIEVES when it comes to servicing your local or not so local party goer that would like a little anti freeze as we sooooooo love to call it.....

Ok so where was I?

Oh Yes!

Ok so now,.. got my cash,.. got beer which may I add, was sorely needed..... Then we head inside,.. not knowing what to expect from the band playing........ It takes fuckin FOREVER to find our seats as again, badly ran show!.. The staff was NOT provided with flashlights to check tickets so lighters,.. thankfully provided by myself and a few others, were of the essence..... That and of course, some of the staff, not too friendly.... Imagine that!

Finally locate the seats and lo and behold,.. you guessed it,.. people were sitting in them!.. So we cannot have that now can we?.. Off I go to inform another of the security who, thankfully was not as grouchy as the first ( and yeah, dickhead, if you read this you know who you are)... People are removed and we park our asses, of course by now, ayyyyyyyyye meija, my ppl are barkin!.... But none the less, the band kicked ass!.... Seats kicked ass!.... WE KICKED ASS!!!!!

Then the fear........ Ahhhh yes we all know this....... The fear that we may not be able to reach our other half of the party...... Check for Hooker's cell and, yup you guessed it,.. SHE LEFT IT IN THE DAMNED LIMO!....

Gotta hate when that happens.

Now mind you!.... Hooker is W A S T E D!!!.... And can't "hear the words that are comin outta my mouth" so louder and louder I rant until, yes we have established there is a missing piece of much needed technology!.... So in between bands,.. off we go, stagger stagger crawl crawl up the steps to the lobby,.. to locate Jimmy and Jesus..... But!

They are nowhere to be found!

SO now I must trudge to find change for the damned payphone....... Get some via this wonderful man that I did not know the name of, make the call,.. and yup,.. they don't answer!.... So now I must trudge about, or shall we say STAGGER about to find them!.. And luckily, one of our most beloved "handlers" appears that was also one of the ones to babysit our asses at the Ministry show last year, Mark!.... I leave Hooker with him and go to find our missing party..... FINALLY find them in the smoking area, or shall I say, found our "Savior" there..... He passes over the phone,.. and again another problem rears it's ugly head........

The scrawny no brainer decides to "stick her face in my space".... Well, this will not do..... Nothing good can come from this and I flatly refused to speak to her until forced to do so..... When this occassion arises,.. I snap and tell her exactly what I think of her TELLING MY MAN that I was a bitch, blah blah blah blah over the phone WHERE I CAN HEAR THE WORDS COMING OUT OF THE DAMNED PHONE!.... Stupid move on her part but luckily,.. I wasn't "serviced with enough antifreeze" to make a move other than to inform her of her faux pas and move on.......... She tries to follow, and is stopped by our Savior and told what she did wrong..... Funny how some people seem so much braver when they have a phone line to speak through, but when faced with the savagery that is me, seem to turn timid.....

None the less,.. I REFUSED to be thrown out of THIS concert!!

Anyhow,.. we go in,.. me now armed with the needed technology and find everyone else........ Well, sort of........ I hear the blessed sounds of "my band" begin and go to seek out my Angel,.. and she is nowhere to be seen........ Shitty shitty shitty,.. but ah well, this is not the first time...

I get back to our seats, me holding our "special tickets" and she is not there!.. So the blessed staff member I had spoke to before again sees me, and again there is "someone sleeping in my bed" so he comes to the rescue once more........ The leeches are tossed unceremoniously from my seats and the staff member then leans in as I have to bellow,

" Have you seen my Angel?"

And I get this...

"No, she never came back to the seat... What's her name?"

I bellow, " Cassie"

he responds, "Who?"

I repond even louder, "CASSIE"

Again I get, "Who?"

*another much needed swig taken*

So this time I BELLOW LOUDLY, " HOOKER!!!!"

He laughs,.. which is to be expected, and I also give him my name and stand, headbanging my ass off to " You Know What You Are"........ And then he APPEARS WITH MY DRUNKEN ANGEL!..

*and the crowd rejoices!!!*

We both do our drunken head-bangin thang, would you expect any less?.. C'mon dear readers, you should know me much better!

The concert continues, but..... There are other plans within the eve, so we must now depart, and especially do so without the accursed usual "hurry up and wait" to leave the venue courtesy of the savagely large crowd that came to pay homage to the leader singer and his cronies!.... But now,.. we are unable to locate Jimmy!

Yeah, Mr Limo Man has dissappeared and was not "schooled enough" to remember to turn the bloody cell on vibrate, which by the way, a good way to reach someone at a concert of this scale, wouldn't you agree?

So off we trudge, or ok, yes, stagger stagger crawl crawl, fall down, stagger stagger to the swag man to buy a shirt for myself, I also buy a poster and then off to the smoking line once again......... By now I am incensed by having to deal with this ridiculous line, but again........ NOT GETTING THROWN OUT OF THIS ONE......... So we go out, Jesus sets us on the steps, and goes to locate the non present Jimmy.........

Now again, mind you,.. we are quite well known amongst the entertainment/artistic crowds and this is a good thing, as Jesus himself cannot locate Jimmy!.... But our local lovely seamstress extraordinaire as well as zoo employee friend Laura,.. former wife of our dearly departed Max Vague comes to our rescue.

Her man has made friends with the Messiah in tow and they agree to this... Ms Vague drives us to Lower Haight, John and Jesus stay to find Jimmy and have him drive them to meet us there.....

But now there is this........ Stagger Stagger Crawl Crawl, STOP THE SILLY HOOKER FROM GETTING KILLED IN THE MIDDLE OF BROADWAY, to Ms Vague's car......... Then off we go!

We arrive luckily in time to see the band in question, The Katies on stage and make quite known WE HAVE ARRIVED!.... Justin,.. our beloved friend and boss of the Pond is there, but hey!.. Gotta growl here!.. Ya should have dressed as everyone said cuz then,.. a "duel" would have commenced, yes?

Anyhow,.. gonna shorten this up as I have mass packing to finish....

A good time is had by all,.. and again,.. we have seen the vision of the band, hung out, got shit faced, smoked a little.. not found ourselves in jail and hey!.. I met another band!

So, what is to be gleemed from this evening?

..1- bring limo again, yet keep driver on a tight leash!

..2- wear more comfy shoes so there is no need to stagger stagger, ect....

..3- Enjoy the anniversaries of the two occassions,.. one being the 20th year annivesary of me and the Hooker as best friends and two being me and Jesus not killing each other by now!

and last but not least....

..4- Enjoy this life, dear reader....... It is a short one and if you do not do the things you dream, like seeing the bands you love, meeting new and interesting people and valuing the friends you have come to know,.. you will have many regrets in life...

My only regret of that night?.. That it couldn't last longer.....

Thanks for lending your minds.....

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Haha thats very thoughtful of you♥ Josie Maran ♥ :) to make such a thread!, i do have one thought going around my head....

Was given the Grey's anatomy season 1 for xmas and now got the second season, freaking loving it :hell yea!: But just curious is this show genreally looked upon as a girlie show? i mean i know guys who do indeed like it but i know loads of girls who like it haha...Not that your opinion would make me stop watching it, i don't care :p ...was just curious what you guys n girls think thats all

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A helpful hint from your Friendly Narrator!

Have you ever applied for a job that required a hair strand test? I know we all have one time or another and whether or not you needed to be "concerned", I am about to give you a little bit of info to help you pass this in future ventures in employment!

1) Get a perm ( I know this sucks but hold on, not done yet )

2) Wash your hair 3 times a day with Aloe Rid by Nexxus ( mind you do this as far in advance to the test as possible )

3) HurraH! This should strip the hair follicles of any impurities you may be worried about!

It works, it really really works.. :morning:

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Greetings and salutations to you my savage readers. I have something to say to those of you that are willing to "raise it up the flag pole and see who salutes it'.

That is this.

Are you loyal? Before you go there, start that acursed judegement shit. Ask yourselves. Let us define Loyalty

By Wikipedia. Here is the definition they pose.

Social and cultural

Loyalty evolved as fellow-feeling for one's family, gene-group and friends. Loyalty comes most naturally amongst small groups or tribes where the prospect of the whole casting out the individual seems like the ultimate, unthinkable rejection.

In a feudal society, centered on personal bonds of mutual obligation, accounting for precise degrees of protection and fellowship can prove difficult. Loyalty in these circumstances can become a matter of extremes: alternative groups may exist, but lack of mobility will foster a personal sense of loyalty.

The rise of states (and later nation states) meant the harnessing of the "loyalty" concept to foster allegiance to the sovereign or established government of one's country, also personal devotion and reverence to the sovereign and royal family. Loyalty is the trust you have in someone or thing.


Bearing this in mind I got this to tell you

Wars of religion and their interminglings with wars of states have seen loyalty used in religious senses too, involving faithful support of a chosen or traditional set of beliefs or of sports representatives. And in modern times marketing has postulated loyalties to abstract concepts such as the brand. Customer churn has become the opposite of loyalty, just as high treason once stood as the opposite of the same idea. Compare loyalty card. A person can be loyal to something and something can be loyal to a person. Loyalty is also seen in business in a variety of ways. As governments have grown in size and scope, some people are more loyal to a company rather than to a country. As corporation complexity has grown, people have shifted their loyalties to individuals rather than companies. As those individuals move between companies, they often take other people with them. Stock options are one method devised to keep people loyal to a company. Loyalty is also a commitment, in coherence agreeing to stand by a person/s and never walk away no matter how hard things get, and how difficult times are. Loyalty is knowing your true friends, and family, and loved ones, and standing by them until the last breath leaves your body.

So then there's this.

This is personal story of LOYALTY. We dub this as the "Dibble Chronicles". Those of our closest know this story and honestly SET of stories all too well.

The Dibble.

How do we begin? Let's start here.

Not namin names because you ain't my true folk HOWEVER. My hooker that you have heard of in most of my tales of the utmost debauchery. I ask her this NOW as she lays on the bed and the response is this for the curious.

"He was a pissy manipulative motherfucker."

AND MIND YOU of my Furious readers! HE IS NOT A LOOKER. Hoker is beyond what he deserved.

This man tried to drive a wedge into a friendship, nay a SISTERHOOD that has weathered many years, decades even.

And where are we?


There have been many occassion and many a dickstain that have tried to go there.

*snorts derisively*

You KNOW what I mean by go there.

Dibble was one of them. However. Her and I.

*sings* "My Hooker My hooooooker. Wherever she goes I go my hooker my hooooooker we know da fuckas yoooou wanna know." {{ to the confused remember or do the youtube search for the "My buddy" commercial" }}

We have been through hell and back. No, you think you understand. YOU HAVE NO FUCKIN CLUE.


Nuff said.

And guess what?




So what's the point of this? Listen dear readers, ain't sayin it again.

You will meet many people in your life. Online and off. Several will go through your life like water slips through your fingers.

Sad but true.

* throws a sly look at da hooker*

However there will be people that WILL make a difference in your life. Should you be wise enough to do as I said, but these aren't my words, borrowed from the infamous Lemmy.

If you don't know who Lemmy is? Jesus Fuckin Christ on a Rubba One, don't talk to me!

Now to the rest of you!

"Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it"

You meet someone that brings that out in you? That can stand beside you and -salute-? THEN you have seen the visage of true LOYALTY.

Me and my Hooker and my Jager-addled brain are done.

Thanks for lending your minds..

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