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Christie Brinkley


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Wow. I'm surprised there was no Christie Brinkley thread here.

In any case, here's her biography from her official website:


Christie Brinkley is more than one of America’s most successful and recognizable models appearing on over 500 magazine covers worldwide. She also excels as an artist, writer, photographer, designer, actress, philanthropist environmentalist, and political activist. Combining her modeling experience with her artistic talents and diverse interests, Christie’s career over the years has been interesting and dynamic.

A Ford model for over thirty years, Christie was discovered by a photographer in Paris at the age of eighteen where she lived for 4 years as she was studying art (she speaks fluent French). Since then, Christie has become the first model to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated for three consecutive years, and appeared in the publication’s annual swimsuit issues and television specials for years to follow. Christie was also the first model to be featured exclusively in the first ever Sports Illustrated calendar. (Later, she created her own best-selling “Christie Brinkley Calendars” and posters.) Christie was featured in Sports Illustrated 40th Anniversary Issue’s Hall of Fame celebrating the most revered figures in Sports Illustrated history.

Over her illustrious career Christie has held contracts with or has been involved in advertising campaigns for Chanel No 19, Prell, MasterCard, Breck, Diet Coke, Got Milk (one of the only celebs to have 2 separate mustache shots!), Healthy Choice, Max Factor, Nissan Z, Noxema, Revlon, Clairol, Borghese Cosmetics, Danskin, Nu Skin, Yardley of London, Halston, Vogue Patterns, Gottex and more. She also held a major contract with CoverGirl, the longest running cosmetics contract of any model in history. In 1987, she partnered with CoverGirl to create the video; “CoverGirl’s Guide to Make-up with Christie Brinkley.” Her line of prescription glasses and sunglasses, Christie Brinkley Perspectives, which she helps design is in its15th year with worldwide sales.

Christie, whose all-American beauty helped establish CoverGirl as one of the best-selling cosmetic brands in the U.S. recently returned to the CoverGirl family to head up a brand new division. She signed a multi-year contract to appear in national television and print ads to promote Advance Radiance Compact Foundation, marking her first campaign for the brand in almost 10 years. CoverGirl gave Christie her first “big break” in modeling with a contract in 1976, the start of a 20-year partnership that marks the longest-running cosmetics contract of any model in history. As beautiful as ever at age 52, Christie is a natural choice to represent the brand again. With her healthy Californian face, she embodies CoverGirl’s strong heritage in both cosmetics and skincare.

Her glowing, youthful complexion has always been her trademark and she is finally going to let the world know what her secret is. Christie will be sharing her beauty secrets, diet tips for the whole family and her favorite exercises right here on this site (currently under construction). Please check back to view the exiting fully interactive site coming soon.

Christie is known for her commitment to health and fitness. Christie wrote and illustrated a health and beauty book, “Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Guide” which topped the New York Times Best Seller list. She has raced in celebrity ski tournaments, sailed with America’s Cup Team(during practice!) and TWICE placed in the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity Championship…coming in FIRST PLACE in 1991!!!!!

Christie Brinkley is also a partner in Total Gym. More Total Gyms have been sold than any other piece of total body fitness equipment!!! Total Gym is sold worldwide via TV (infomercials & home shopping networks), retail stores, and the internet. Total Gym is celebrating its tenth year on TV as the best selling piece of total body fitness equipment in the world. Of course, you can learn about Christie’s favorite moves on total gym and nutrition tips on ChristieBrinkley.com

Christie used her talent and beauty to venture beyond modeling. She made her acting debut in 1983 opposite Chevy Chase in the hit feature film “National Lampoon’s Vacation” recently named one of the funniest films of all time in the upcoming Bravo Special and appeared in the 1997 sequel, “Vegas Vacation.” She has also appeared in Billy Joel’s classic music videos “Uptown Girl” and “Keeping the Faith” and “All About SOUL” as well as Mick Jones’ music video “Just Wanna Hold.”

On television, Christie has appeared on NBC’s “Mad About You” and hosted Lifetime Television’s “InStyle Celebrity Weddings,” which became the highest rated special in Lifetime’s history. Christie has also been featured in Vh1’s “Pop Culture Icons” series. Christie has been the subject of many documentaries including the HBO program “Beautiful Baby, Beautiful, and”the“E! Model Show” Lifetime’s “Intimate Portrait” and “Barbara Walters Oscar night special”. In 1992, Christie hosted a daily lifestyle program on CNN titled “Living in the 90’s with Christie Brinkley,” in which she scripted and filmed her own segments on health, style, travel, food and entertainment.

As a result of her diversified talents, Christie was able to put her artistic skill and training to work. Christie painted the cover art for Billy Joel’s 1993 triple platinum album “River of Dreams,” which was met with rave reviews. “Rolling Stone” Magazine awarded her the honor of best album cover of the year. An avid photographer, she was also Don King’s ring photographer for several major boxing events (Mohamed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard among others). Her work appeared in Ring Magazine, Photo, and Kodak’s Ampersand. Pinnacle baseball cards asked Christie to photograph the 1996 Baseball World Series championship teams--the Indians and Braves--for her own “Christie Brinkley Collection” of baseball trading cards. She is said to be the only photographer to get Albert Bell to crack a smile.

Christie’s charity work is extensive. She has been featured in numerous P.S.A.’s benefiting children, the environment and breast cancer awareness. The March of Dimes honored Christie with their humanitarian award. The National Mothers Day committee awarded her “Mother of the Year” at a ceremony held in New York City. Christie traveled to Washington to receive the “Merit Award” for her work with the USO. In addition to other honors, Christie received an award from Mothers Voices, was honored by The Make a Wish Foundation of NY, and Redbook Magazine recently named her one of “Americas Mothers and Shakers” for her involvement in STAR (Standing for Truth About Radiation). The Women’s Division of Albert Einstein School of Medicine at Yeshiva University presented Christie Brinkley with the Spirit of Achievement Award in 2003 for her charity work.

Christie is an active member and dedicated supporter/activist for many organizations including UNICEF’s Art and Entertainment Support Committee, Handgun Control, Ovarian Cancer, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Cousteau Society, Southern Poverty Law, The Wilderness Society, Stop globalwarming.org.

Christie’s activism reached a new level of commitment when she learned she was raising three kids in the cross-chains of several nuclear reactors—(children are the 1st victims of the daily assault of low level radiation). She also learned that there was no evacuation plan in place (or possible) for New York City and Long Island, where she works and lives.

Christie joined the Board of Directors of STAR (Standing for Truth about Radiation). Christie became a busy spokeswoman, alerting parents to the dangers nuclear power plants have on our children, making appearances on numerous talk shows including “The View” and “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” She made frequent trips to Washington to speak at the National Press Club and lobby for the support of politicians. She even made a well published appearance when she spoke before a Senate Sub committee Hearing on the Nuclear Industries negative effects on families living near reactors. Christie raised awareness as well as over $500,000.00 for STAR, and helped make nuclear security a top national priority.

As a result of her efforts, STAR was widely credited with being instrumental in securing the closure of the two reactors at the Brookhaven facility on Long Island! Christie’s efforts were recognized in a large feature story in the August 2000 issue of George Magazine where she was commended for her passion and dedication in striving to protect the environment and the children across America from the harms of nuclear radiation.

In May 1999, Christie participated in a USO tour to Bosnia to entertain peacekeeping forces and visit the refugee camps. As a result of her visit with the refugees, Christie created a poster to sell and continues to donate all proceeds to Refugees International. In December 1999, Christie made a second official trip to The Balkans as a member of a select group that was chosen by the Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, where she was asked to greet United States Forward Deployed troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Italy.

On September 14, 2001, the USO called on Christie to carry the message of gratitude this time to the hero’s right here at home…at a smoldering ground zero.

Currently, Christie lives in New York with two of her three children, Sailor Lee, Jack Paris, (who recently made their screen debut starring with Christie and their horse Goodbar and their labradoodle Maple in Cover Girls recent commercial.) Her daughter (with Billy Joel) Alexa Ray, is a very talented singer songwriter (and piano player, sound familiar?) currently on a national tour with her band…for her latest schedule go to myspace.com/alexarayjoel/

Christie has recently been on news stands with a May 2006 cover and feature article in "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING". She was also chosen to be featured in People magazines 100 Most Beautiful People issue with her daughters Alexa Ray and Sailor Lee.

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So it seems no one wants Christie's pictures.

Oh, I think there are fans of Christie's around here. I'm certainly here. Or I think I'm here. <_< And I don't know a better forum.

I think what happens for some of the "classic" models is they aren't as popular, so fewer people post less often, and also visit in general less often. I don't visit the forum everyday, for example, and if the Niki Taylor (Karen Mulder, Stephanie Seymour, Valeria Mazza, Ashley Richardson, ...) thread slips past Page 2 or 3, I won't catch it. And the forum moves fast. And I don't always have time to make a post. Even a quick reply.

Don't sweat it. The lurkers love Christie, I'm sure. :wave:

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:drool: ıf you like Christie I can bombard you with her pictures,because I am a big fan of her. For 25 years I have been collecting her pictures. Here are some. Just let me know if you want more pictures.



:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Hello snmkytkn :wave:

I love her :blush: so post some more pictures :blush: :blush:

i have also been a fan of her for 20-25 year.... she is realy beutiful....

love from Miss :wave:

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It si nice to communicate with other people who share the same interests.

Yes it is! :)

By the way, (you probably know this, but) be careful about buying fashion/model/photographic slides on eBay. Make sure the seller is a reputable dealer, and you're not buying a fake of some kind.


Thank you for the warning.

Two ads from the seventies.

post-15680-1184697089_thumb.jpgfrom 1976


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