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What is your favorite......


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What is your favorite ...


sushi; chocolate; ice cream;...


Any sweet, non-berry or citrusy, alcoholic drink; Coke; [bubble] Milk Teas; Soy Caramel Macchiato; Apple Juice, Honey Tea;...


Oiishi; Sonsie; Legal Seafoods; Olive Garden; Top of the Hub; ...


If I told ya, I would need to kill ya :shifty:


Anything that will help cook a nummy good meal :p

TV cooking show?

Iron Chef!!!!


All the iron chefs expect the shady host :ermm:

Please be sure to post that all here!

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  • 2 months later...

Food? pasta! any pasta dish from olive garden

Drink? alcohol :whistle: :p haha umm i :heart: pepsi

Restaurant? chipotle...not really a resteraunt but a place i love eating with my best friends

Recipe? umm pancake recipe i guess....homemade ones made from scratch! yummy :p

Cookware? tupperware :p

TV cooking show? rachel ray's cooking shows are awesome!

Chef? i don't know...rachel ray :p haha

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