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Ciara Nugent and others


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Am in the middle of making big proper scans of a load of advertisements I scanned in from several magazines - I just need some help ID-ing the below models so I can post them in the right topics! Thanks in advance. :)

Chanel: post-5998-1172320483_thumb.jpg - Ciara Nugent

Dior: post-5998-1172320518_thumb.jpg - Angela Lindvall

Earl Jeans: post-5998-1172320541_thumb.jpg - Anne Vyalitsyna

Estee Lauder: post-5998-1172320556_thumb.jpg - Carolyn Murphy

Gap: post-5998-1172320571_thumb.jpg - Liliane Ferrarezi

Hugo Boss: post-5998-1172320586_thumb.jpg - Luca Gadjus

Lancome: post-5998-1172320613_thumb.jpg - Elizabeth Jagger

Ralph Lauren 1: post-5998-1172320637_thumb.jpg - Doug Pickett

Ralph Lauren 2: post-5998-1172320660_thumb.jpg - Karin Saby

Tommy Hilfiger: post-5998-1172320681_thumb.jpg - Lonneke Engel


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Chanel: Ciara Nugent :unsure:

Dior: Angela Lindvall

Earl Jeans: :idk: my guess is Leticia Birkheuer

Estee Lauder: Carolyn Murphy

Gap: Liliane Ferrarezi

Hugo Boss: Luca Gadjus

Lancome: Elizabeth Jagger

Ralph Lauren 1: Doug Pickett

Ralph Lauren 2: Lonneke Engel

Tommy Hilfiger: :idk:

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