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Catherine McNeil

Sweet rus

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This girl caught my eye this season. She did Cavalli, Pucci, Max Mara and other big shows including Fendi and anna Molinari and opened Just Cavalli (also closed), Etro, Alessandro Del'Acqua shows and that's her first season in Milan! Plus she is shooting D&G campaign with Mario Testino and new Hugo Boss Black campaign as well as British Vogue.

here is some info I could find.

from vmagazine


Angus Munro picks the breakout girls for next week's Milan shows

Catherine McNeil (Next)

"I would have booked this 17-year-old Aussie in all my New York shows had she been available! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for her, she was shooting D&G and British Vogue with none other than Mario Testino while the shows were on. Add to that the new Hugo Boss Black campaign...not bad for a new girl. And she is already on hold for all the major Milan designers."











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I was waiting how long it would take for someone to start a thread on her. I was going to but just too lazy so thank you!!

I just want to say "Watch out for this girl esp in 2007-08"- I'm so proud of her & her success & she is yet another Aussie who is just doing so damn well o/s!!!!

Needless to say she is going to rock the shit outta the D&G campaign cos she's got the naturally gorgeous body for it.

YAY Go Cat!!!! ;)

Let's watch this thread grow!!!

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She was originally a blonde- far more striking/ versatile as a brunette [she agrees]

more pics:


http://www.cue.com.au/ << She has landed the Cue campaign for the yr [this is her 2nd set]

http://www.chicmanagement.com.au/chicmodel...php?model_id=84<< This link is her official comp card from her Aussie agency, Chic. It features her oldest eds [when she started] & right up2 her newest on location consecutive shoot set she did in Bali.

http://www.dallysmodels.com/women%20models...fault.aspx?g=54 << another Aussie agency she is with

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