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Girls of the Decade


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I'm thirty-one and trying to learn more about beautiful women over time in Western popular culture. I thought this would be a good place to discuss "Girls of the Decade" and get some insight/feedback from real experts on female beauty and style in the public eye, the ones that defined movements and eras.

I am starting the chart with some wild guesses. Please feel free to add or correct me!

2000s Paris Hilton (unfortunately!)

1990s Britney Spears

1980s Madonna

1970s Farah Fawcett

1960s ??

1950s Marilyn Monroe

1940s ??

1930s ??

1920s ??

1910s ??

very bad start, i admit. let me do some research and fill some in!

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Paris Hilton is known all over the world now she is like a mega star....i donno if anyone really loves her and im not sure if she defines a look but she sure is hell is famous.

I think that madonna defined a look for every decade. Because every decade she had a memorable look and set a trend. Even now she is still setting trends.

I think the non-specificly ethnic women defined the nineties....christy, cindy, naomi...they were ethnic but still commerical.

I think their was so many for each decade like Marleen Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, Janice Dickinson changed fashion

Their was a whole article on it in this past vogue.

I think the icon of 2000 is going to be Angelina....because she is so much more then just an actress she is a humanitarian and gorgeous and very modern in looks and lifestyle(with her unmarried adopted biracial family)

Lauren HUtton was an icon and Gloria Vanderbilt (early century)

I do think Britney had a huge impact though. She was really nineties.

Great topic!

Oh and Twiggy started the whole Mod movement so like the 60's

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