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M Pokora


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Biography: Matthieu was born in Strasbourg on September 26, 1985. Very young, he is already bitten of music, but also of football. It is by listening to its idol Michael Jackson, in particular the song “Smooth Criminal”, which he is caught of passion for the song and the dance. At scool, he privileges the writing of the songs to the courses and assembles a group called Mic' Unity. Matt finally drops its studies at the age 17 years to be registered with the third edition of “Popstars”. The young boy gains the emission and forms the Linkup group with the two other winners, Lionel and Otis. The trio records in particular a title with Blue. Then Matthieu decides to launch out in solo under the name of Matt Pokora, which will become M Pokora thereafter. In 2004, It meets the most connected producers R&B moment, Kore and Skalp and records in November its first album, which becomes disc of gold and the single “Showbizz, the Battle” which has an enormous success.

[i don't if it is comprehensible. I'm sorry.]

115044860749zh7.th.jpg 115488667069sm2.th.jpg 115505656697ct0.th.jpg 1169922215053nq3.th.jpg

alexia83825wd6.th.gif enigma154hw9.th.jpg enigma790nn8.th.jpg fan2mpokoramattpokora95ye9.th.jpg

M Pokora in live

M Pokora in a broadcast

Personnaly, I don't like very much his music but he is really sexy.... ^^

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