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Crediting sources

rouge red

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Hey folks.

Well... I just want to ask if it would be wanted/possible to credit pictures before posting them. I know that many ppl would prefer that they would be credited when their scans or founds are credited, and I myself like it a lot b/c it's a good help to find more pics. (for example bwgreyscale - without ppl crediting that source I wouldn't have found it)

And it's polite... I don't want that all pics in the forum have to be credited, but at least in the picture threads it would be nice (what i mean: if i post a pic from vs in the girl's section i wouldn't say it's needed to credit it. but credits to magazine scans from other forums etc would be great).

Sorry if I sound confusing :ninja:


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I am all for crediting (Y) Partially b/c someone once took my Gisele candids that I took with my digicam, and claim it as their's <_< And I hate it when people hotlink from my image-hosting accounts w/o giving me credit. I don't care if you hotlink from me, but at least give me credit. Also, a lot of posters, scanners, and video capturers put a lot of efforts in finding materials, uploading them, and posting them. They deserve the recognition for their hard work :yes:

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^ :hug:

With the excepetion of VS, which I assume everyone knows it is from there b/c of it's "distinctive" style of photographing things :whistle: , If I was not the one who found/scanned the picuture(s), I give credit to the person did :) If it is a series of posts, I always indicate credit either in the first or last post. I feel giving credit encourages members to post more. Also, there are quite a few people her who has paid getty and wireimage accounts, but they don't post anymore b/c other keep on taking images they post and not crediting them. Yes, techinically these images aren't their's, however they did paid for them and they were nice enough to share :hug:

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