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Lisa Graham is an international fashion model from the 1980s, 1990s and is still modeling today!  She was with modeling agencies Premier (London), Pauline's (New York), Elite (New York) and today she is represented by Way Model Management (Brazil):  https://waymodel.com.br/en/feminino/lisa-graham

Height: 5'11" /1.80

Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Canadian

From Peter Marlow Press Composite Cards:

LGComposte.JPG LGComposte.JPG1.JPG LGComposte.JPG2.JPG LGComposte.JPG3.JPG LGComposte.JPG4.JPG
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These pages have a little funny story. I think they are from about 2005-2006, and I was at my mom's house and she had this magazine. It's not a fashion magazine, but a women's magazine (like Redbook). I recognized Lisa and tore out these pages. Then just recently, I found them again in an old box of papers, my how time flies!! So these pages have made A long Journey to be here today. Haha!! Unfortunately, I don't know what magazine.:idk:

Lisa Graham
Traveling Light
More Magazine (found it)
2000s (about 2005)
Photos by Chris Militscher
My scans
1815347358_Approx2005WomensMag(1).thumb.jpg.129fd8f46501c7fe213677001dce53a3.jpg610444064_Approx2005WomensMag(2).thumb.jpg.886c569fe98bef2dbabeddb4d08cffe0.jpg 935792817_Approx2005WomensMag(3).thumb.jpg.5f2e45b0f144896cf5d4609d4e5bef91.jpg 1620701679_Approx2005WomensMag(4).thumb.jpg.a79352bd83d7302bc0fc1989f23cdebf.jpg 51734969_Approx2005WomensMag(5).thumb.jpg.e1769288a73e1346581a7c93654eff56.jpg977626230_Approx2005WomensMag(6).thumb.jpg.ce688961d92602971f97cc639b886056.jpg 245169875_Approx2005WomensMag(7).thumb.jpg.3ebc70ec5a8b0035a3da62fbbb0b845c.jpg 2076061934_Approx2005WomensMag(8).thumb.jpg.46b461802a8ae63afb63870304016164.jpg

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