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Maria Cabrera Buccellati is an 80s/90s model, represented by Premier, London. Maria is the daughter of a Spanish father and Cuban mother and she grew up in Miami. She got her last name from her marriage to Andrea Buccellati, jewelry designer and entrepreneur.


Born: New York, New York, USA


Height: 1.74
Bust: 86
Waist: 58
Hips: 86
Shoes: 38
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown




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35 minutes ago, RocketQueen said:

Dolce & Gabbana SS 1992

Photographer: unknown

unknown source

@ArianaVSCouture, HQ images would be appreciated. :flower:

Thank you for her thread, @RocketQueen! I was always wondering who this girl from Dolce & Gabbana shows was. Here are some images from Dolce & Gabbana Spring 1992. Photographer was Guy Marineau. :) 



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39 minutes ago, RocketQueen said:


This one is actually from Complice Spring 1992. Domenico and Stefano from Dolce & Gabbana were designing for the Complice brand in the 90's so sometimes it's easy to mix up these collections. Here are some more:

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Thank you, @RocketQueen! These above are from Complice Fall 1991. Looks like she was Complice and Dolce & Gabbana regular. I'll check more of their shows to see if she did any other seasons. If you find any other runway she did - let me know! ;) 

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what a thread!  Thank you so much. Her smoldering eyes and bodacious figure were such a great antidote for the late 80's pasty waif. The Italian labels wanted to express the soul, and with her face, she was the perfect model for it.

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