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Day's Agenda


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What's your days agenda?

5:00AM to 9AM (Sleep, sleep good)

9:30 AM - Out the door, going surfing in Bodega

2:00 PM - Home to eat a late lunch and get a quick shower.

2:30 PM - Going to pick up something for dinner, no food in the house, haven't been able to go shopping, but lots and lots and lots of booze!

5:45 PM - Start dinner & Mop bathroom (Set up TVO to record nightly shows)

7:00 PM - Dinner (Itchy/Jude+GF) coming over

10:30 PM - Drunk as shit, hanging out

12:00 AM - Still drunk as shit + check BZ

2:00 AM - "Hubby" time

3:00 AM - Pass out.. Sleep, sleep good!

Rinse and repeat

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