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@peroxideblonde thanks for creating a topic for her! She has lots of work with photographers. I'm starting to work on this thread, so if I find that she has some work with brands, would that qualify her to move to the models section? 


By Joshua Burch (hair by Mallorie Gray)


128584880_393030951902513_7549315101450226997_n.jpg 128801549_392243692026582_6706487827044733786_n.jpg 128931559_422739452465728_1209225455450961408_n.jpg




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18 hours ago, peroxideblonde said:


okedoke. shes working for Yacht Club Store. I'll post the pictures later today. So far, that's the only brand I've seen her work with, but I'm starting from the beginning of her career with uploads, so who knows what I might find. If I find more brands, I'll let you know so you can see if you think she should be moved or not. 


By Jaysbook for Mother Model (MUA Elaine Thompson)



35574784_179147476275385_3932733898898800640_n.jpg 35998529_402576053569632_7200993965779189760_n.jpg 36926719_192033728160363_4529683565054525440_n.jpg 37941610_2123319864597517_1957734187591008256_n.jpg 38877872_304058396821321_2647929049736806400_n.jpg 41447754_251752198861529_4039031950145896534_n.jpg 41947220_236459473688356_3539524270007340070_n.jpg
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