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Apologies if she already has a thread. I could not find it through my searches.
In addition to starting this appreciation thread, I am looking for the shots of her from an old-ish set (2014-2015?).
Tyler Kandel did a b&w series, set in an (NYC?) apartment.  He has shot similar sets with a bunch of models.

For the life of me, with my admittedly limited internet-searching skills, I cannot find this set anywhere, let alone MQ/HQ.

If anyone has it, and would like to post, I would be most appreciative.

Sensitive-eyed searchers, be forewarned.  The set contains nudity. I know that you like to know as such here.

I don't know if it is her current representation, but the following are from her Elite page.

Elite Miami (possibly no longer her representation)

3_94.f907ad2895ba.JPG 4_90.23829a8c94c6.JPG 4e30a13a_576774-big.c5e12e4d1ae4.jpg 5_87.52a0cc3942bc.JPG 243a141f_2100667-big.7cba7f9d12ac.jpeg 1036176_3-doc.1c33d9556775.jpg 1036178_3-doc.680787ba3695.jpg 1036187_3-doc.67eb575f8b30.jpg 1036188_3-doc.6e6e9bae3f8f.jpg amanda_01-copy.03561ac47e56.jpg dbe1f708_amanda_08_1.d40c2f62b744.jpg efd98b1f_2097950-big.9d1a21813cfc.jpeg

2100668-big.f3d1c4fae4f9.jpeg 2100668-big.f3d1c4fae4f9.jpeg
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5 minutes ago, TheMasterPlan said:

Yes! That's the set!
Is it complete?

I guess the next hope would be HQ, I suppose.
It's an absolutely amazing set.


I think she is stunning.


I think I found those on her own Tumblr before they hid images like that. That's all I have.

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