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  1. Yes! That's the set! Is it complete? I guess the next hope would be HQ, I suppose. It's an absolutely amazing set. I think she is stunning.
  2. Additional finds: 201903111754280.mp4
  3. Apologies if she already has a thread. I could not find it through my searches. In addition to starting this appreciation thread, I am looking for the shots of her from an old-ish set (2014-2015?). Tyler Kandel did a b&w series, set in an (NYC?) apartment. He has shot similar sets with a bunch of models. For the life of me, with my admittedly limited internet-searching skills, I cannot find this set anywhere, let alone MQ/HQ. If anyone has it, and would like to post, I would be most appreciative. Sensitive-eyed searchers, be forewarned. The set contains nudity. I know
  4. Would also appreciate some sort of upload.
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