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Two n-gal brunette model

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10 hours ago, Cowboys1274 said:


I would also like to know who this is



NBABY12-Blue-(3)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY12-Blue-(4)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY12-Blue-(5)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY12-Blue-(2)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY12-Blue-(1)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY13-Black-(3)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY13-Black-(4)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY13-Black-(5)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY13-Black-(2)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY13-Black-(1)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY04-Black-(3)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY04-Black-(4)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY04-Black-(5)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY04-Black-(2)-1000x1333w.jpg NBABY04-Black-(1)-1000x1333w.jpg


All of the above, plus these two from the opening post...



Seem to be this model, who goes by 'Askamit Ania, Velvet, or Velvet A.' depending on which agency you are looking at. She is with Wilhelmina Dubai, Karma India,  and Most Wanted Germany, just to name a few. The remaining two photos in the opening post (green skirt and orange skirt) are NOT her.


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15 minutes ago, kimflorida said:



This model is still in need of an ID


Here are a few more photos of the model above. Hopefully someone can ID her. Apparently, she works quite often in India :flower:



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I'm now very curious who that second model is. She's very pretty, in a wholesome way. ;)

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